Negative Ions

Negative Ions
In a world full of allergens, pollution, germs and such people are looking for ways to make their air cleaner and healthier. There are aromatherapy diffusers, air purifiers, salt lamps, live plants and more. Ion therapy with the use of negative ions is on the list of ways to make the air you breathe better and your environment healthier.

Ions are molecules with an electrical charge. What makes an ion either positive or negative is almost too simple. Positive ions have lost and electron. Negative ions are the opposite and have gained an electron.

Negative ions are created in nature. You will find them around beaches, oceans, mountains, waterfalls. They are also created by weather patterns such as thunderstorms with lightning. The growth of plants is also believed to create negative ions. These molecules are odorless, but you can find them in the fresh air and fresh rain smell. Relax on the beach, take in some sun and reap the benefits that nature provides.

Artificial creation of negative ions is possible but may not be as beneficial as the naturally created ones. There are many air purifiers on the market that have the capability to create these ions. Ionizers are sometimes included in heating and sir conditioning systems in homes and businesses. Fans can come equipped with this technology as well.

Negative ions can attach to particles such as smoke and give them an electrical charge. The particles then become attached to each other and land on surfaces. This can remove them from the air and then they land on surfaces where they can be cleaned up. This can work well with air purifiers because negative ions do not clean up the larger particles like dust or pollen. The air purifier cleans up those. Using together may make the air cleaner and may help you breathe easier.

There are many potential physical and emotional benefits of being exposed to negative ions. They may inhibit the growth of mold, viruses and bacteria. This could potentially protect you from inhaling these things. There could also be an increase in oxygen in your system making you more alert and energetic. Some people have reported less stress, depression, and anxiety. Negative ions may also help with seasonal affective disorder, also called winter depression.

Negative ions have not been proven to help with allergies and asthma, but individual experiences can vary. The potential benefits are possible but before trying anything like artificial negative ion therapy, you should consult with a health care provider. If you can experience this phenomenon from naturally produced ions, it would be better. If cannot get the benefits from nature, artificially produced may be beneficial.

I am using a small personal device that plugs into my computer to produce negative ions. My experience has been a positive one. I feel that I breathe better when I use this in combination with air purifiers and an aromatherapy diffuser. My asthma and allergies do seem to benefit from the use of these items. I don¡¦t leave the negative ion generator plugged in when I am not using the computer. That¡¦s just a personal choice but it may not be as beneficial to be constantly creating negative ions in an artificial manner.

Ion therapy may not work for everyone. As with most things, individuals have different experiences and different needs. This is another item that could be part of your holistic health toolbox, brought out only if or when you feel the need.


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