Inspiration For Your Personal Chef Business

Inspiration For Your Personal Chef Business
Can you imagine starting a restaurant on $3,000.00 cash in your pocket and $1,500.00 more to play with in under 4 months?
I know of at least 1 person who can!

I was surfing the Net and I came across this inspiring video about a restaurateur who had a dream and decided to move on it. Alberto Rivera, engaged, father of 5, of "El New Yorican Puerto Rican" restaurant located in Phoenix, AZ., speaks about how he had a passion to bring Puerto Rican culture and food to the Mexican community of Arizona. He explains that, although he's not a chef, he didn't let that minor detail get in his way; but instead, allowed his faith to dictate his moves into the restaurant world.

I got a lot out of watching this video a few times. Every time I restarted it I got a new layer of depth from it that spoke to the power of a dream coupled with immediate action.

The answer to the right opportunity is always a resounding "YES" and then you put together your 'How'!

Have you ever heard the phrase "Fail fast and fail forward!"? It may not be what you might be thinking... Failing never means defeat. It moreso means: to exhaust the non-workable methods while finding the one that works. According to Rivera's account, that's what he did. His initial idea to go into the food truck business turned out to be a flop. From the up front costs and discouragement it appeared to be a failure, but the story picks up. Rivera allowed his dream some flexibility. Instead of throwing in the towel he let it morph into what it should've been all along; the "El New Yorican Puerto Rican" restaurant.

Here are a few things that stood out for me while I watched the video:
  • His vision - He had a vision of what he wanted. He could see it, he could feel it, and in his mind, he could touch it.
  • His action - He didn't let his idea get cold, so he took immediate action and started researching and making calls.
  • His faith - He didn't let his negative feedback stop him. He found another way and vehicle to make his dream a reality. He got moving!
  • His resilience - He didn't let his hard times stifle him, he allowed them to strengthen him.
  • His team - He asked for help in the areas he needed help. As entrepreneurs we need to recognize our strengths, and more importantly, our weaknesses and fill in those blanks. His fiance knew how to navigate the computer better than he did and he asked her to step in and handle that for him. You need to know where and when to delegate tasks, so you can strategically build your business.
  • His flexibility - Rivera wasn't so rigid in his thinking that he was unable to make adjustments along the way. It's important to allow a certain level of creative renegotiation with yourself to get your mission accomplished.

There was so much more in this story, but I'm sure you get the picture. Rivera had a dream and didn't even let a minor detail like not being a chef deter him from not only opening his restaurant, but becoming the head chef of his restaurant. He filled in his blanks and kept on moving in real time.

How can you take this story and apply it to your life and your business?

We all have obstacles and areas where we miss the mark. There's always going to be someone who's got a better hand to play than you. Whether you're a self trained chef or right out of Le Cordon Bleu, you can live out your purpose, launch and build your business and see it flourish before your eyes. Find your passion and purpose in this season and 'Make The Move'! You can do it!

All-in-all, ultimately, the only thing standing in your way is you.

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