Abortion Cost

Abortion Cost
In light of the economic downturn, lost jobs, and slim paychecks happening for many people in the United States, I've compiled a list that sums up the price of abortion. These are real world abortion costs. How much will it cost you, in cold, hard cash to have an abortion today?

The true cost of abortion:

The abortion procedure itself differs in price based on when and how it is performed, and the prices are generally a bit higher in metropolitan areas than rural regions. $500 - $1,500 for first trimester, $1,000 - $10,000 for later term abortions

Possible complications can range from minor infections to life-threatening hemorrhages. Cost of a full hysterectomy or uterine repair and recovery stay in the hospital: $8,000 - $20,000

Aftercare antibiotics and painkillers cost $10 to $400

Lost wages for time spent in initial consultations, mandated pre-abortion counseling, the procedure itself, and recovery time varies. Take a day's wages and multiply it by 5. For the average full-time, minimum-wage earner: $290 less taxes

Given that 44% of post-abortive women have depressive episodes that require counseling, twelve weekly sessions have been added to the cost of abortion. The price was determined using a reduced, public welfare charge of $85/week for three months. $1020

Most relationships break up after a woman has an abortion. Studies have shown that post-abortive women have a greater risk of suffering long-term relationship consequences, such as divorce later in life and abusive relationships. Divorce: $20,000

Total Abortion Cost: $29, 820 - $51,710

Double the cost if the woman is one of the 50% of all patients having a repeat abortion: $59,640 - $103,420

From a purely financial standpoint, this is a huge price tag one has to pay in a short period of time; having a so-called simple abortion has the cost of a house attached to it. For something they claim is "safer than a shot of penicillin," I see an astronomical markup on a procedure that causes nothing but pain and suffering sold under the misrepresentation of freedom.

Do you have any experience to share about the real-life abortion prices? Join the forum and the discussion below!

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