Featuring the the basic and not so basic foundational information for everything vegetarian. Need to know how to work with a certain ingredient? Come to the classroom and discover a new way.

10 Things Every Vegetarian Should Do star
Find yourself in a vegetarian rut? You don't have to stay there anymore. Discover the 10 actionable, user-friendly principles you can use to defeat dietary doldrums.

Basic Beans Processing Recipe star
Sometimes it's great to have a basic knowledge of how to work with items in your kitchen. You can take a set of similar ingredients, apply the same techniques in their processing and come out with different and tasty results. Today we're going to look at beans and how I like to work with them.

Getting the 'Egg' Out of Tofu star
I just had one of my cousins ask me how in the world to make tofu taste like something other than eggs. No matter what they seasoned it with, there was always this after taste and texture of scrambled eggs. Here's what I told them to fix that common problem.

How To Cook With Bitter Melon star
I've been a fan of the new and unusually strong flavors in food for as long as I can remember. Bitter melon is no exception to the rule and with all of the health benefits, from helping with diabetes, to psoriasis, liver challenges to HIV, it's something you'll want to develop a strong love for.

How to Eat for a Healthy Vegetarian Lifestyle star
Being a vegetarian is more than just one day deciding not to eat meat anymore. There are considerations to be made and a process to follow. I was recently asked the 'how-to' question and here's how I responded.

How to Select Cremini Mushrooms star
Selecting cremini mushrooms can be somewhat of an art form. Although it's fairly easy, there are a few 'how to's you should know to get the delicate and/or robust flavors you're after. Here are some tips to give you the most value for your hard earned dollars when purchasingcrimini mushrooms.

How to Shortcut Your Cooking Process : Pre-prep star
Shortcutting your cooking process is an easy thing to do guaranteeing a healthier diet for your busy schedule. Today we're going to apply the simple yet powerful task of getting you set up to do just that. I'm going to breakdown a process that I'm notorious for using when I'm pinched for time.

How to Work with Tofu like a Master star
Tofu is a beautiful and versatile product. Take the right approach and your end results will convince you that you graduated from Le Cordon Bleu. Here are some of the ways you can tackle tofu in the kitchen and 3 timeless tips you need to know when prepping, reviving or presenting.

New Year's Resolution - Implementation star
As with every successful venture there are the items you'll need to make your journeys possible in the most pain-free, convenient and efficient ways. We're moving onto the next phase of your New Year's Resolution process. It's another part of your foundation for success.

New Year's Resolution - Your Tools star
There are a few items you´ll need to make your new year´s resolution more user friendly. Here´s what they are, why you´ll need them and how I suggest you use them.

Onions and How To Use Them star
I'm an onion junkie. I'll admit it. I love the aromas of caramelizing onions in a skillet with a little salt and seasonings to start the foundation of a great vegetarian dish. But with so many varieties to choose from which ones are going to work best for you?

Perfect Pasta Recipes star
Everybody has there own flavors and textures that makes pasta work for them. While we won't get into a debate on which is better, al dente or extra soft, we'll talk about how to get the most flavor out of the preparation process. Here's the most important things you'll need to know.

Planning Steps - Designing Your Menu star
A menu is something that should not only be exciting and healthy... it should grow with you and never lock you in. Here are some fundamentals you should think about when planning your healthy menu.

Purslane Recipe Ideas star
My wife and I are always trying something new in the food world. From smoothies to soups, salads, pies and the like, we like to mix and match old standards with new ideas. Here's some things we came up with for the nutrient dense, health promoting herb purslane.

Salad Recipe - Mixed Greens star
Wherever you go whether it be restaurant or the home of a favorite loved one there are few things that are more substantial and convenient than a full-bodied salad. Let's go through a hearty salad recipe that'll make even the most diehard fan of BIG food take a second look.

Setting Up for a Successful New Year's Resolution star
New years comes around once a year, and with it the hopes for a positive change. If you´re one of the many who´ve made your New Year´s Resolutions, and a healthy diet is one of them, let me show you how to set everything up so you can reap the benefits of your great expectations.

Shortcuts : How To Pre-Prep Your Curry Sauces star
Whether BBQ, curries, hot, fruity, gravy-like or savory, sauces can make the difference by rescuing a dry, drab and boring dish from despair. Today we're going to take on pre-prepping one of my West Indian style curry sauces and discuss some of its many uses.

Shortcuts : How To Pre-Prep Your Herbs & Spices star
Herbs and spices are items that every kitchen should be graced with along with chefs who aren't afraid to use them. While creating shortcuts for ourselves we may need to invest more time in the beginning to ensure the best results. Here are 3 herb & spice shortcuts that will help your process:

Shortcuts : How To Pre-Prep Your Tofu star
5 methods you can use right now to make your tofu tasty and an experience worth remembering. These techniques will increase your enjoyment of tofu, your ease of use and build your mastery in utilizing tofu as a vegetarian alternative to meat.

Shortcuts : How To Store Your Pre-Prepped Items star
Modern day life has its challenges, and with work, school, varying schedules and families on the run, the only way to ensure you have the best grocery bang for your buck is to make sure that your storage system is intact. Here are two tips you need to know before you begin your pre-prep processes.

Tofu Braising Method - How To Braise Tofu star
Tofu is a topic oftentimes met with everything from puzzlement to downright disgust. Working with tofu is an art and there are many ways to coax almost every flavor and texture imaginable from it. In this article we will go over the braising technique.

Tofu... What is it Really? star
Working with tofu can be an easy thing when you have an end result in mind. From your silky smooth to your meaty firm and everything that all-too-familiar scrambled egg formation. Here are some ideas on how to vary it.

Vegetarian Essentials star
I've gotten literally thousands of questions over the years on vegetarianism and how to successfully navigate the ever-growing labyrinth of information. I figured it would be a great idea to create a series focused on the ins and outs of vegetarianism and the 'how tos' around it.

Vegetarian In 3 Simple Steps star
Trying to make heads or tales of easy ways to be a vegetarian? Discover 3 methods that'll give you the success you're looking for. This series will walk you through an easy process & practice of getting your health successfully on track. Vegetarianism & health don't have to be a mystery anymore.

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