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Exotic Pets
Each species of exotic pet has very different needs. Learn how to properly care for your pet and how to setup and maintain his or her habitat.

101 Facts about Ferrets : Book Review star
Book review: 101 Facts about Ferrets, a delightfully illustrated book full of interesting and useful information about ferrets and the care of ferrets.

20,000 Exotic Animals Seized star
20,000 exotic animals confiscated from exotic pet wholesaler in Arlington Texas. Many of the animals were found dead or dying.

A Practical Guide to Exotic Pets - Book Review star
The photographs are beautiful; the text is clear, concise, and easy to understand, with uncomplicated guides for each species. I do have at least one major concern about this book and that is very little is said about taking animals out of the wild and keeping them as pets.

A Thanksgiving Tribute Learn to Value Life star
How do we learn morals, how do we learn to value life, why do some children learn to value life and others don’t. A special Thanksgiving tribute to my parents who died this year, and my brother who died a short time ago. A tribute also to all the parents who have set moral standards for their children

Afterlife and Pets star
Will we see our beloved pets again when we give up our physical bodies? I would like to think so. I think I have proof that we will. In reality, pets, and exotic pets have souls just as we do. There is scientific evidence and also confirmation in many revered books that prove animals have souls.

Animals as Gifts - Why Not? star
Animals given as gifts is a much discussed topic. Can you give the gift of an animal for a holiday gift? A pet can make a good gift if it is done properly. This article will tell you exactly how and what! How do you feel about animals given as gifts?

Animals Teeth star
All pets that have teeth, not just dogs and cats, can have problems with their teeth. The majority of animals do have problems with their teeth and this can lead to early disease and death.

Animals That Serve star
Few people realize that exotic animals can help people with disabilities lead a happier and richer life; allowing them independence they would not have had without these service exotic animals. Miniature horses, monkeys to ferrets, allow the dignity these folks ought to have.

Ant Farms and Ant Farm Hobbies star
A truly easy to care for pet, the exotic pet ant! The ant farm is a great way to encourage standards, principles, and life’s ethics. Ant farms are a gentle manner of introducing the concept of death and mortality. I frankly think children should experience an ant farm at least once in their lives.

Avian Veterinarian star
Locate an Avian Veterinarian before you need a veterinarian for a sick or injured bird or parrot; what an Avian Veterinarian is and how to find one.

Breeding Ferrets star
For a huge variety of reasons breeding ferrets is not for the timid, or anyone that doesn’t like really gross smells, despicable looking ferrets, it is stressful and often deadly to the jill (female ferret) and the hob (male ferret), and the kits (baby ferrets) often suffer a high mortality rate.

Broken Hearts - Death and Dying - Exotic Pets star
These last couple of weeks many people close to me and myself have endured the pain of losing a beloved pet. Pets or exotic pets it makes no difference the pain of the loss seems unbearable. Until you stop to realize the joy these beautiful animals have left behind; enriching our lives greatly.

Buy your Goldfish – Children’s Pet House star
With this last article we will learn to pick out a healthy goldfish. We will find out how to get the goldfish home safely. We will also learn how to help the goldfish adjust to the new temperature in its brand new fish tank.

Cages - Enclosures - Non Domestic Cats star
Housing a large cat or non-domestic cat is for your safety, neighbors safety, safety for your cat and to conform to the law.

Cages for Birds and the Parrot star
One of the most important expenditures will be a sound, and safe bird cage for your birds and parrot. Small birds need flying space, parrots need to exercise their wings. Parrots need to climb. Always get the biggest parrot cage you can. Examples of bird cage accessories and discount bird cages.

Cages for Primates and Large Cats star
Enclosures and cages for cats, non domestic cats, great cats, tigers, lions, primates, monkey, monkeys, walk in cages with safety doors, heated den boxes. Includes supplies needed to build cages or enclosures for cats and primates.

Can Snake Propulsion save Lives star
From the story of the hoop snake myth, to how snakes propel themselves, all the way to how this can save human lives seems a little incomprehensible; but it is true.

Canaries as Pets star
Canaries don’t climb for exercise as parrots do. They need to fly. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a canary from an outdoor aviary. Mosquitoes carry canary pox and easily transmit the canary pox to canaries.

Chausie Cats star
Chausie cats are intelligent, sweet, loyal, and energetic. Often I hear the term doglike (personality) for descriptive phrases. Most enjoy the water.

Chinchilla star
Pet chinchillas are intelligent, and sweet. They are reasonably easy to care for. They do need a large, tall cage, with multiple layers. They have an advanced herd social structure it is necessary to be knowledgeable about introducing a new chinchilla to another chinchilla.

Chinchilla Food Treats and Grooming star
The chinchilla has special dietary needs; they cannot be fed pellets meant for other rodents or rabbit pellets. They must have hay, preferably Timothy hay to aid in their digestion. They must have calcium; a good form would be a cuttlefish bone for a bird. They may die if you give them treats.

Chinchillas as a Pet star
Pet chinchillas are intelligent, and sweet. They are reasonably easy to care for. They do need a large, tall cage, with multiple layers. They have an advanced herd social structure it is necessary to be knowledgeable about introducing a new chinchilla to another chinchilla.

Choose the Right Exotic Pet star
What pet or pets would be right for you and your lifestyle? There are many things to consider before purchasing a pet. I think I can help you determine what pet would be right for you.

Choose the Right Exotic Pet star
What pet or pets would be right for you and your lifestyle? There are many things to consider before purchasing a pet. I think I can help you determine what pet would be right for you.

Christmas Prayer for Pets star
I wrote the Christmas Prayer for Pets because of the agony I feel from abandoned and abused pets every day. It breaks my heart. As the holidays approach I continue to do what I can for animals but I also wonder what I can do to change the cruel humans that make these animals suffer.

Coatimundi star
Like the raccoon they are extremely intelligent and are just as good at unlatching, unlocking, unhooking, opening door knobs, or any other obstacle put in their way. They are the perpetual two-year old, certainly something to consider before purchasing a coatimundi. I personally would love to have eight raccoons and coatimundi’s living with me all the time but some of my sanity remains – thankfully.

Corn snake star
Corn snakes are an excellent beginner snakes because they have a docile temperament. In addition, they are the best ambassadors to introduce people that are afraid of snakes because of the corn snake´s gentle temperament. Snakes are probably one of the most misconstrue living things on earth.

Crawdad star
Sometimes, chances to teach children compassion and responsibility seems to fall in your lap. You just need to be ready because these opportunities are a rare and precious gift. Early in my children's life we happened upon a tiny crawdad. This little fellow brought great joy to our lives.

Crawdads or Crayfish as a Pet star
Quite by accident, I ended up with a crawdad which joined our family as a pet. He learned or should I say he taught us to hand feed him worms. He was quite interactive and clearly showed signs of intelligence. I grew very attached to the little guy.

Design Your Own Pet - Pet Foxes star
It took thousands of years to domestic the wolf resulting in our pet dogs, researchers have used selective breeding to create tame foxes in a few short generations! The fox isn’t tamed by humans but is naturally tame. This is designing your own exotic pets. Respond, is this ethically right or wrong?

Diversities in Care - Quizzes!! star
A pet owner’s lack of knowledge about their pet can result in unintentional animal cruelty. We have to have full knowledge in order to accept the responsibility of having a pet. Are you ready to test your knowledge of exotic pets while taking some fun quizzes?

Do Dragons Exist star
One of the greatest mysteries of all times is seemingly answered, part of the answer through archeological evidence. You tell me, after reading the evidence, do dragons exist?

Dubia Roaches - Feeder Insects star
Dubia roaches are a great feeder insect for exotic pets. This article will provide you the information you will need for Dubia Roach breeding information and care. This article is an ongoing series on live prey and feeder insects. Dubia roaches have more protein and calcium than crickets.

Earth Day - How Have Humans Impacted the Earth? star
I have been pondering how I could have an impact on bringing awareness; encourage appreciation, and help preserve our beautiful planet. Everyday, not just Earth Day. How can you help? For humans, pets, and exotic pets how can we bring awareness that we are destroying our planet?

Emergency First Aid for Birds star
Disasters can strike with little or no warning. Here are some basic items to have on hand for emergencies with your exotic pet

Exotic Pet Laws star
I hope you are aware of the fact that laws’ mandating exotic pets is taking a turn for the worst. If you care about your pet I highly suggest you educate yourself to the current changes in exotic pet laws. They are trying to limit what kind of dogs and cats you have too.

Exotic Pet Newsletter star
I just hate it when one of the BellaOnline editors slip new content right by me. I look forward to many of the editor´s new stories. Thank goodness there are newsletters! Sign up for the Exotic Pets Newsletter! Your information is always private and it´s free.

Exotic Pet Shopping star
Book reviews, DVD reviews, safety and health item reviews, warm winter clothing reviews for ferrets.

Exotic Pet Site Map star
A new site map for exotic pets BellaOnline, find which exotic pet you are interested in quick and easy. You will find rodents, reptiles, mammals, arthropods, invertebrates, exotic pet care articles, help articles, awareness articles, health articles, safety articles, and so much more

Exotic Pets - What are Exotic Pets star
I would love to make Exotic Pets BellaOnline a more interactive site. Lets start with a common but misunderstood question what are exotic pets? Can an exotic pet be a bird like the Hyacinth macaw, a fish like in a Koi pond? Is it a rabbit, a ferret or pygmy goat? What is an exotic pet, you decide.

Exotic Pets - Socially Unacceptable star
I am socially unacceptable. It is because I am an exotic pet owner. I have a skunk, ferret, and a raccoon, sharing my home, as well as a wide variety of other exotic pets. I am responsible for these pets. Some people should never have pets, some people should never give birth to a child.

Exotic Pets and Car Travel star
I have traveled thousands of miles with skunks, infant raccoons, parrots, ferrets, skunks, and a variety of other pets, and exotic pets. This travel included moving across country more than once. Here are some tips to help you prepare and to stay sane through the entire trip.

Exotic Pets Unwanted Starving and Abandoned star
Exotic Pets Top of the Web Award – Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary: A safe haven for the exotic pets left to starve, subjected to brutal abuse; a home for the innocents that have no concept of why they are in pain and suffering.

Falconry - Birds of Prey star
Does the art or sport of falconry fascinate you? It is very much alive and well. Learn more about falcons, hawks, hawkers, birds of prey, and the incredible relationship they have with their majestic birds of prey! Do you have what it takes for falconry? How do you get started? Find clubs?

Feeder Insects star
Feeding feeder insects is a crapshoot, are the insects healthy, or full of contaminates, what have the insects eaten, and a list of questions a mile long. What to do? What insects? Do crickets and dubia roaches have the same nutritional value? I think I have the answers! Learn about feeder insects!

Ferret as a Pet star
Care instructions for the pet ferret. The ferret is a fun and loveable pet that has gained a great deal of popularity. They make remarkable sweet and funny pets. Funny as in ha ha funny. They are worth a laugh a minute. They require the company of their own or a great deal of time with you.

Ferret Helps Disabled Man star
Ferret is a Service Animal to a Man with Disability, and according to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Bella, the ferret may well be a service animal. Just as monkeys help give independence and hope to those whot had little hope before

Ferret Kits - Baby Ferrets star
Where do you buy a baby ferret? How do you know the ferret is healthy? What do you feed them? Everything you need to know about ferret kits.

Ferret Training star
Training ferrets is easy when you are patient and consistent, from teaching ferrets tricks, biting, litter box training, to everything else. This is part of the continuing series on pet ferrets!

Ferrets - Children star
Ferrets like all animals don't belong alone with children. You must be willing to supervise the interactions of the ferret and child 100% of the time. Have ferrets caused serious injury to children? How old should a child be before getting a ferret as a pet. Learn about ferrets as pets.

Ferrets, Skunks, Raccoons and Bears – My Interests star
What life throws in your direction is never known in advance. Life’s circumstances brought about many of my interests in exotic pets and wildlife rehabilitation. Here I share part of my life and the beginnings of my interests in ferrets, skunks, raccoons, bears, and bear cubs, porcupines...

Ferrets: A Complete Guide - My 1St. EBook star
Ferrets: A Complete Guide is the first EBook I have written, and is for novice ferret owners, experienced ferret owners, and people that are considering a ferret for the first time. Great as a reference guide or a standalone care book for ferrets.

Finches star
The delightful spirit of the pet finch and the enormous satisfaction of their song make them an exceptional pet for close living conditions such as an apartment or a mobile home court. I tried living with two macaws in a mobile home court. It didn´t work so good. Those two could wake the dead.

Finger Monkey Pygmy Marmoset star
A tiny monkey hanging on to my finger does sound pleasantly cute and intriguing. The so-called finger monkey weighs all of a half of an ounce at birth. In reality, what is the finger monkey?

Flea Control – Exotic Pet star
A sure method of making sure those rotten little fleas leave our exotic pets alone this spring. Yes, it is that time of year again. In this article you will find everything from letting nature help control the fleas, to getting rid of all the dastardly varmints. The exotic pet is not immune.

Gecko - Snake - Rats - Reader's Personal Stories star
There seems to be so much negative press about exotic pets and exotic pet owners. These stories are only a minuscule part of the millions of stories you never hear or see. These are the stories of undeniable love; the stories never told because they don’t include blood, shock, and gore.

Gerbils as a Pet star
Learn how to care for the exotic pet gerbil. They are social animals but will fight with each other unless they are from the same family. Pay attention to the type of cage you buy because gerbils are great little scratchers and chewers; and will chew right out of cage.

Giant Redheaded Centipede - Didn't Come Home star
Sometimes it must be intelligence (common sense) over a pull of the heart strings if we make a decision to bring an exotic pet into our home or not. Here are some examples of some exotic pets (centipede and a Savannah cat) I wasn�t able to bring into my home and the reasons why.

Goji Berry - Super Food star
I have been experimenting growing and testing the nutritional qualities of the Goji berry, Goji leaves (great in salad) for the last several months. It is one of the healthiest food you can feed birds, exotic pets, and humans! See Goji images - Goji pictures of blossoms, plants, and berries!

Green Eggs and Chickens star
Sometimes we don’t intentionally go out to find a pet, exotic pet or otherwise. Sometimes we find each other. Considering I had grown up on a ranch, in my youth, I never thought of a chicken as anything other than a farm animal. That is, until I fell in love with my pet chicken.

Guinea Pig as a Pet star
Guinea pigs make an excellent first pet for children. They are docile, gentle, and easy to care for. There is a great deal you need to know before having a cavy. There are stringent food requirements. The cage is important because certain cages can cause injuries.

Guinea Pig Health Information star
How to bond with and train your pet guinea pig, How to groom, and take care of the guinea pigs constantly growing teeth. What antibiotics will kill your guinea pig? Guinea pigs do not perspire learn what temperature is safe for the pet guinea pig. How to tell if your guinea pig is sick.

Halloween – Exotic Pets Not Invited star
You wouldn’t believe some of the awful things I have seen happen to exotic pets or traditional pets at Halloween, especially Halloween parties. Unless it is a small family get-to-gather Exotic Pets not invited! How can you avoid these disasters?

Halloween Costumes for Pets star
Pet Halloween costumes are the new rage! Pets dressed as people, children dressed as animals, exotic pets and pets dressed alike. How to make a homemade costume for your pet, or if you´re not so crafty purchase a Halloween pet costume! I have included some darling pet videos and pictures. Cute!

Halloween Pet Safety star
Holidays are fun; we have always had a great deal of fun on holidays with our pets. They are family and are always included in most festivities. I say most because sometimes, no matter how much fun, or how intriguing, it just wouldn't be a safe situation!

Halloween Pet Safety star
Holidays are fun; we have always had a great deal of fun on holidays with our pets. They are family and are always included in most festivities. I say most because sometimes, no matter how much fun, or how intriguing, it just wouldn´t be a safe situation!

Halloween Pet Safety star
Holidays are fun; we have always had a great deal of fun on holidays with our pets. They are family and are always included in most festivities. I say most because sometimes, no matter how much fun, or how intriguing, it just wouldn´t be a safe situation!

Hamster star
Information and care instructions for the pet hamster.

Hamster Bonding, Health Issues star
Learn how to bond with your pet hamster as well as keeping him or her safe and healthy

Happy Safe Holidays from Exotic Pets BellaOnline star
If an animal or child consumes cellophane the digestive juices turn the cellophane to glass and can cut up the gastronomical system. What other holiday dangers are lurking? The holidays are the time of year when pets seem to get themselves into the most trouble.

Heat Cars and Pets star
On an 85-degree day the temperature inside your car, even if you have the windows cracked will rise to 120 degrees in only 20 minutes. Any animals left in a car even for a short time will die or suffer brain damage.

Hedgehog star
Comprehensive article on caring for the pet hedgehog.

Hedgehogs - Interview with Z. G. Standing Bear star
Hedgehog advocate, treasurer of the International Hedgehog Association (IHA), professor of criminology, forensic science, and justice ethics, retired Army officer, Vietnam combat veteran, has been treasurer of Wolves Offered Life and Friendship (WOLF), author, and a downright fascinating person!

Hermit Crabs star
Information and care instructions for the pet hermit crab.

Hermit Crabs Additional Information star
Information and care instructions for the pet hermit crab.

Hermit Crabs and Vendors star
Purchasing any pet, especially an exotic pet, takes a great deal of planning and forethought. What does the animal eat? How and where should it live? Should it live in a cage, extra bedroom, aquarium, or under a rock?

Hermit Crabs For Sale star
If you see hermit crabs for sale or other exotic pets for sale at a local county fair or state fair make sure you are prepared to bring these delicate animals home. Do you know how to care for a hermit crab?

Honey Bees - How to Care for Bees star
Honey bees make an interesting exotic pet insect. Besides the benefit of enjoying the bees, you are helping the honey bee recover from a status of near endangerment. You can also harvest the honey, and enjoy the medicinal value of honey bee pollen and enjoy the honey bees picture.

How Fish Swim star
Goldfish make a wonderful first pet. Many people believe that goldfish have short life spans; however, they have been known to live over twenty-five years, if given the proper care. How Fish Swim is the third part of the children’s series Children’s Pet House. Science experiment included.

Interview with Jean Lengwin star
Jean Lengwin is the author of a very special book which is a collection of short stories of how animals shaped her life.

Jellyfish - Jellyfish as a Pet - Jellyfish Art star
Beautiful, exotic, mesmerizing, pulsating – so many words barely capture the essence of this dazzling animal! If you are looking for the truly unusual exotic pet research the pet jellyfish.

Kills Salmonella and H1N1Swine Flu star
Chlorhexidine is shown to kill salmonella associated with exotic pets and E. coli both bacterial infections. Studies in 2006 showed a 99.99% kill for H1N1, swine flu, H3N2, seasonal influenza A, and influenza B virus.

Litter Box Smell - Litter Boxes star
Training the pet and taming the odor. Training an exotic pet to use litter boxes is only half the battle. Then you have to deal with the odor. However, what do you do with the icky smelly used litter once you scoop the box? It is too cold to run it outside each time you scoop. Litter box smell!

llama star
How to care for and raise a pet llama. A llama is a highly social animal. They can be quite gentle. As with any animal watching their body language can be beneficial when approaching a llama. Llamas can be wonderful pets. Find out if you can legally own a llama.

Marshall Ferret Santa Suit - Review star
This Marshall Ferret Santa Suit will provide the perfect Christmas photo opportunity for your darling ferret! Making Christmas cards and want to include your ferret? This is an inexpensive and decently made Ferret Santa Suit perfect for your pet that already loves center stage!

Mice as pets star
The mouse, or since they are very social, mice are great pets. They are intelligent and have a sweet nature. Mice are one of the animals that have been domesticated the longest; over 10,000 years. They are an immensely popular pet.

Micro-Pig TeaCup Pig star
The latest pet craze in the United Kingdom is the Micro-Pig or Teacup Pig! I assure you that we will be hearing a lot more about the micro-pig in the United States very soon. This small pig is said to make a loving pet. How to take care of a Micro-Pig or Teacup Pig.

Milk Replacement - Orphans - Wildlife star
You may find it necessary to care for an orphaned animal that is too young to eat solids. Or, perhaps you may have found a puppy or kitten that needs to be bottle fed. There is a lot of confusion what milk replacement formula to feed orphaned puppies, orphaned kittens, or orphan wildlife.

Milk Replacement for Baby Mammals star
Sometimes you will find it necessary to care for an orphaned animal that is too young to eat solid foods. Or, perhaps you may have found a puppy or kitten that needs to be bottle fed. There is a lot of confusion what milk replacement formula to feed what animal.

Mini Pig Teacup Pig at the Golden Globes? star
When the word got out that mini pigs teacup pigs were going to be given out to the stars that receive the swag bag gifts; little tokens to remember the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards. This is totally and utterly irresponsible! Update to the Micro-Pig TeaCup Pig article.

Miniature Donkey as Pets star
Did you know that donkeys had a natural tendency to be a guard animal? Not all but most. Miniature donkeys love attention and will go out of their way to get that attention. They are loving animals. As with other herd animals they must live with their own kind to keep them from becoming lonely.

Miniature Horses star
I could certainly wrap my mind around curling up with a miniature horse in front of the fireplace or television. I raised appaloosa horses for a number of years and dearly love horses. The miniature horse is often used as a guide horse or make good companion animals or exotic pets.

Miniature Pig - Help Save Hammy - Act Now! star
Exotic pets breaking news! YOU can help save Hammy! Hammy is a potbellied pig. HELP There is a problem in CO where a pet potbellied pig who has lived his entire life of 14 yrs is being outsted for being over weight. He isn't health wise but by county code. We need people email and call asap.

Mute Swans - Cygnets Have Hatched star
I promised to sit on the nest until the baby swans hatched. We drove to Woonsocket, SD just about every day when it got close to hatching time. We caught both the pen and the hob busily working on the nest when the cygnets began to hatch. The babies are beautiful!

My Favorite Exotic Pet star
How many of you have asked me what my favorite exotic pet is. I am going to finally answer that question. What is the answer? Will it be a stick insect, snake, skunk, ferret, tiger, or raccoon. There is so many more pets to choose from.

Never Disagree in Front of a Child or Exotic Pets star
There is little difference in behavioral training; children or animals. One and foremost never disagree in front of the child or exitc pets.If you disagree do so in private never in front of a pet or child. These little critters understand much more than you could imagine.

New Exotic Pet Feature star
A new feature of Exotic Pets Bellaonline; Children’s Pet House, these articles are written exclusively for children. The first article gets the child ready for goldfish. We will have fun stories, science experiments, and exciting activities.

Ninja Turtles are not Pet Turtles star
Soon kids found out that turtles didn’t like pizza as the Ninja Turtles did; they didn’t have super powers, and were terrible at martial arts. They just didn’t do anything like the Ninja Turtles did.

Off Label Drugs star
Doctors prescribe off label use of medications many times a day. Just less than one quarter of all drugs prescribed is off label. Drug companies are not willing to pay for studies if the market doesn’t justify expenditures. Off label drugs for our pets?

Opossum - Possum - Pet Opossum star
The pet opossum, also known as a pet possum, makes a delightful pet despite of their gruff exterior. Opossums like to growl and hiss but their really quite a gentle critter. Germany had the perfect possum ambassador, Heidi, a cross eyed opossum. Enjoy the videos and pictures.

Our Pet’s Passing They will Always be Remembered star
If your child has lost their first pet or if you have lost your beloved pet, the time of their passing is painful. Here you will find product reviews and products such as mementos, beautiful urns, and books to help you cope.

Outside Exotic Pets star
Many times we have exotic pets because they fascinate us – we simply enjoy them, get pleasure from watching them, benefit from observing them doing their “own thing.” There are many exotic pets you won’t find a book to learn to care for them, let alone how to keep them healthy, happy, and alive.

Panasonic BL-C131A Network Camera Wireless star
For safety concerns, you can keep an eye on your beloved pet. Or, if you are curious what they do when you are not around; this is the perfect little device. I love mine. We started with one to watch the ferrets, we got a second to keep track of our two-year old.

Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins DVD Review star
Any child that wants a pet or has a pet should see the DVD; Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins - A Kid´s Guide to Happy, Healthy Pets. It is jammed pack full of great information on responsibility, cost of pets, time it takes to take care of pets, and much more in a fun approach with music and dance.

Pet Adoption - Embracing Abandoned Animals star
I often found abandoned animals just dumped on the side of the road. Once we found two golden retriever pups. They had been tossed in the road, one was still inside a paper bag, and he had been run over and killed. Another pup came running out from the weeds that were next to the road. Pet adoption!

Pet Allergies star
Are you or your children condemned to live the rest of your life without the love and companionship of a pet? There are solutions to the pet allergy problem.

Pet Canaries star
Canaries don’t climb for exercise as parrots do. The canary needs to fly. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing a canary from an outdoor aviary. Mosquitoes carry canary pox and easily transmit the canary pox to canaries. How to care for a pet canary. A songbird that is sure to delight your family.

Pet Clean Up Made Easy - Book Review star
Pet Clean Up Made Easy; pet clean-ups can be a disaster, especially the odor. Permanent odors never again! How to get rid of awful stains, disgusting odors, fleas, allergies, and all related problems that come with pets.

Pet names - Naming Your Pet star
Coming up with pet names isn't always easy. Exotic pet names, dog names, cat names, parrot names, and bird names, should depict individuality, make a statement, or demonstrate emotion. Tagging your pet can be complicated and thought provoking even if it’s a silly pet name, or a popular pet name.

Pet Rats, Hamsters, Gerbils and Mice star
If you or your children want a pet, and perhaps you live in an apartment, what kind of pet should you consider? The rodent could perchance be the pet for any circumstance.

Pet Rock - Care Guide star
Pet rocks have a hard protective shell which protects them from predators. They have very few natural enemies. One predator would be paper; "Rock Paper Scissors!" When freed in a non-native habitat they can cause serious problems. They have been known to bite people’s toes when they least expect it.

PETA Kills Exotic Pets and Pets by the Thousands star
Pet owners that donate to PETA actually believe their money is going to saving pets while in fact it goes to killing pets. These documents clearly showed that PETA killed 90% of the dogs, cats, and other companion pets (exotic pets other than dog or cat) during a five year period.

Pets - Disasters - Did New Law Save Lives star
It isn't hard to imagine that people refused to evacuate during Hurricane Katrina because they didn't want to leave their pets behind. Many people stayed with their pets, and many died because of it. A new law was passed. Did it save lives during Hurricane Sandy?

Pets and the Planet: Book Review star
Pets and the Planet: A Practical Guide to Sustainable Pet Care - a Book Review. This book goes past the popular muddle of the green hype and tells us what really matters.

Piranha - Piranhas - Pets star
Piranhas are not a social fish the main reason they tend to travel in schools is self preservation. The rather hyped up persona from movies are of piranhas that live in large schools. A few piranhas in an aquarium, especially when unfamiliar with their surroundings could deliver a nasty bite.

Plants That Eat Animals - Carnivorous Plants star
The creature was tricked into entering the jaws of the monster. He was trapped. The fiend digested his victim. What is this awful monster? It wasn't a T-Rex. The victim suffered the indignity of being eaten by a plant. Latest in exotic pets - carnivorous plants.

Praying Mantis or Praying Mantids star
This article includes care instructions for the praying mantis, as well as an introduction of the praying mantis as an exotic pet.

Preparing Pets for a Winter Emergency star
If you had a huge ice storm tonight that knocked out your electricity for five days would your exotic pets survive?

Primates - Monkey - Cages star
How to build a primate habitat or a monkey cage. How to keep your monkey safe and secure.

Pygmy Jerboa star
Information and care instructions on the pet Pygmy Jerboa.

Pygmy Marmoset star
A tiny monkey hanging on to my finger does sound pleasantly cute and intriguing. The so-called finger monkey weighs all of a half of an ounce at birth. In reality, what is the finger monkey?

Rabbits and Geese star
I felt it was time for a fun, light article. Did I ever tell you about the time my brother raised Easter Eggs from rabbits, or about the geese that chased my very proper aunt? I would love for you to share your animal stories!

Rats as Pets star
Rats make sweet pets. They are excellent beginner pets for children. Especially, kids during the stage where they need a trusted friend. Young children should be supervised around the rat.

Rats – Ratties Perhaps the Perfect Exotic Pets star
Are there any exotic pets that could be the perfect pet? Rats or ratties certainly come close. They are sweet, intelligent, gentle, and make a great companion or friend. The rat can also be a trustworthy confidant for a child, teenager, or adult that needs a friend.

Releasing Exotic Pets - Alternatives star
They can never be released “back to the wild,” especially in an area where they don’t normally live. Native species that belong in that environment will suffer. Your pet will suffer as well. They are not a wild animal and cannot survive in the wild. Solutions to this dilemma. Pets are not garbage!

Reptiles - Pet Reptiles star
Are you considering a reptile as a pet? Will it be a snake, iguana, gecko, bearded dragon, turtle, or many other species of the reptile family? Maybe I can help you make a choice. How to choose a pet reptile. What are their individual needs?

Responsibility and Legal Requirements star
My priorities of what makes a responsible exotic pet owner have changed due to recent events. Think long and hard - what would be best for our pet. Sometimes we must put our feelings aside. Be can’t be selfish.

Save Homeless Companion Birds star
Connie Davidson, my distinguished guest author, has a very important message about birds that have suffered through natural disasters such as the tornado in Joplin, Mo. What happens to the birds that have lost their owners, their homes? Think how frightened they are to have lost their loved ones.

Save Money on Pet Care and Exotic Pet Care star
How can you save money on pet care without skimping on your pet; using a little imagination and a lot of common sense? How to keep your pet healthy, low cost, or free veterinarian care, the importance of pet insurance, making your own toys and a bunch more creative ideas.

Scorpions - Care for the Pet Scorpion star
An exotic pet scorpion is a fascinating pet. Learn about pet scorpions. The beautiful Emperor scorpion is a popular scorpion to have as a pet. Learn how to tell the difference between a male and a female. Learn how the scorpion gives birth. Learn about the specific care requirements. How poisonous?

Setup Your Goldfish Tank star
The new exotic pet series for children continues. The first segment was So You Want a Goldfish; this is the second part of Children’s Pet House, Let’s Setup Your Goldfish Tank. Next week we will have fun with an experiment. Make sure your child has an empty soda pop container and lid.

Skunk as a Pet star
The pet skunk and their personality are the most interesting of any exotic pet I have ever had. The domestic skunk is very intelligent and clever. The pet skunk is distinctly different from any other animal. They cannot be spanked, or punished. They do not respond to such treatment or forget.

So You Want a Pet Goldfish star
Did you know that a goldfish can live to 25-years if you take good care of the goldfish? Goldfish need a lot of space. They don’t like those silly little goldfish bowls you see at the carnival. You need a rectangular fish aquarium.

Squirrel as a Pet star
Squirrels are wonderful little critters and I love them dearly. I have my doubts on how many people could live with a pet squirrel in their home. It certainly wouldn’t be fair to cage the pet squirrel. Their eating habits need polishing; they rarely will use a litter box. The Squirrel as a pet.

Stick Insects star
Pet walking sticks, leaf insects, or stick insects are very interesting to watch and enjoy. It is particularly interesting for children. As long as they don’t try to handle the delicate creatures it is a lesson in life and science they will not forget.

Sugar Glider star
The Sugar Glider is a small marsupial possum (not opossum – the sugar glider hails from Down Under) that can live up to 15 years as an exotic pet companion. Basic care information and more.

Sugar Glider - Pet Sugar Gliders star
The sugar glider is a small marsupial possum (not opossum) they can live up to 15 years as an exotic pet companion. Basic care information of the pet sugar glider; pet sugar gliders love human interaction and are highly social. They cannot be raised as a single pet. Sweet exotic pets.

Sugar Glider - Sugar Gliders as Pets star
One of the sweetest of exotic pets is the pet sugar glider. They are very intelligent and social animals. They have very different care needs than many animals. You cannot just pour a bowl of cat or dog food, and fill a dish of water, they have very special needs! What is a Sugar Glider?

Sugar Glider as a Pet star
The sugar glider is a small marsupial possum (not opossum) they can live up to 15 years as an exotic pet companion. Basic care information of the pet sugar glider; pet sugar gliders loves human interaction and is highly social. They cannot be raised as a single pet. Great exotic pets.

Swan - Swans - Pet Swans star
The graceful and beautiful swan can be exotic pets if you have the correct environment for them to live happy, and healthy lives. Learn what swans eat, incubation period of the eggs, how the swans care for their cygnets, and how to find swans for sale from a swan breeder. Do they mate for life?

Tarantulas star
Information and care instructions for the pet tarantula.

Teacup Pigs - Mini Pigs star
What is a teacup pig or tea cup pig (both terms are used)? How much do the tea cup pigs cost? Where do you find teacup pigs for sale? Where do you find tea cup pig breeders? What to mini pigs eat? How did they develop a mini pig? Do they make good pets? How to care for a tea cup pig! Pocket pigs!

Tigers as Pets star
This is the first chapter about tigers and taking care of pet tigers. There are many people who have tigers as pets throughout the world. I am aware of the strong feelings about keeping or not keeping tigers captive. This article is written from a neutral viewpoint of having tigers as pets.

Top Exotic Pets star
Breaking News - recent pet bans are increasing the popularity of exotic pets. Here is a list of the top exotic pets some of the most popular pets people have in their homes. Each animal has a care sheet of how to care for the animal. Not all people want to be limited to a cat or a dog.

Top Unusual Pets - Exotic Pets star
Some people have some very unusual pets. As long as you're capable of caring for these animals, both financially and understanding their needs, these special pets can make outstanding exotic pets. Here you will find care sheets for each pet, Civet, Genet, Kinkajous, Armadillo, and the Capybara.

Tornadoes - Tornado - Exotic Pets star
Preparedness and plans are a key to possibly surviving a tornado. Tornadoes can waylay the best of plans, but those well rehearsed plans can still save your life even if you have to go "off script." Save your exotic pets, pets, as well as the rest of your family members.

Train Goldfish star
How to train your goldfish you´d be amazed at what they can do!

Tribute to Jane Bone Skunk Lady star
A tribute to Jane Bone Skunk Lady. Jane Bone and her years of experience with the domestic skunk brought a wealth of knowledge and awareness to the world.

Turtles and Tortoise star
Learn how to properly care for the pet turtle. We will learn the difference between land and water turtles. We will learn how each turtle species has different food needs, enclosure needs, heat needs, and humidity needs.

TV Networks and Exotics - A New Problem? star
Over the last several years, many nature and animal oriented TV networks have turned to far more sensational programming to attract audiences. How and why has this become a problem for the exotics community? Are Animal Television Networks Tumbling into the Toilet?

What Pet Do You Choose star
Let's look at the most common pets to see if they would be a good choice for our families, our households, and our lifestyles. Then we will compare exotic pets. There is almost always a pet for someone. It may not be a dog, cat, bird, parrot or fish it may be an exotic pet. What pet do you choose?

What’s a Weta – Pet Weta star
Here is an exotic pet that can be as large as your hand, has its ears near its knees, and sings. Care to venture a guess what this animal is? It is an exotic pet Weta. Learn about the weta a very intriguing animal a species as old as the dinosaurs.

Wolf - Loki's Story - Temperament star
Guest author John Mattson, concludes the article about wolves, discussing additional important information about having a wolf as a companion, issues such as wolf temperament and wolf hybrids. If you missed any part of this vital story you will find the links to all four parts.

Wolf - Loki's Story - Wolf Care star
Wolf – Loki’s Story the highly popular series, written by guest author John Mattson, continues with the general care of the pet wolf. He covers the importance of social structure when training a wolf. The necessities of understanding the concept of wolf pack, and how to care for the wolf as a pet.

Wolf Training - Loki's Story - Pet Wolves star
As I anticipated the first installment of Wolf Loki’s Story was a big hit. I am getting a lot of feedback and questions of when the next installment will be available to read. Here it is! This part of Loki’s story deals with training and behavioral issues.

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