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'Midlife Crisis' -- Fact or Fiction? star
Midlife Crisis? Is this a valid medical term? What exactly is it? Who gets it? could it follow a chain of events? is it painful? It may be the catalyst for positive changes in your life...

'Twitter', 'Twitter' - A Whole New World! star
Twitter, Twitter - are you ´tweeting´ yet? My latest article is kind of a tongue-in-cheek article on the latest craze - ´Twitter´; it´s all the rage - celebs have even jumped into the fun world of ´Twitter´...and ´tweets´

A Baby Boomer's Story - Escape to Paradise star
Bob had it all - then one day, his whole world changed; a Baby boomer´s thought-provoking story; How two devastating occurrences were the catalysts that changed his life forever; see how he coped, what he did....

A Peek back at 2009 - Looking Forward to 2010 star
Peeking back at 2009; looking ahead in 2010; resolutions; exploring new opportunities; a fresh start; getting back on track in the New Year...

A Word About Former Boyfriends star
Wondering aloud what it means to have a former love start coming to your mind, and appearing in your dreams; memories of a long ago relationship that surfaces for no apparent reason - or is there? former boyfriends who hold a special place in our hearts;

Being Thankful - Even in Hard Times star
Being thankful and grateful, even in hard times; the Universe reacts when any type of energy is focused with intent, whether positive or negative, it resonates and ultimately comes back to us...

Have a Joyous Holiday - Keep the Spirit! star
In the hustle and bustle of shopping, the true spirit of the holidays can be lost - in a materialistic world..think about what´s really important to you first..

I Wonder star
Thinking about the many questions I have for the Universe - and will we ever know the truth about many of these sinister, unexplained mysteries, some 'who-dunnits', some day-to-day wonders...I wonder, I wonder...

Karma - Your Actions are like a Boomerang star
Do you have good Karma or bad Karma? Look out - because what you give out you will get back, threefold! Our actions always catch up with us, sooner or later...think of them as a boomerang - what you give out - you (eventually) get back! on....

Living Your Life Impeccably! star
Are you living your life impeccably? Do you know what is meant by this term? Perform every task in your life with great care and passion; read on to see why you should..

Magnetic Workplaces star[offsite link]
How to deal with toxic people (co-workers) in the workplace

Midlife, Idiots and Idiosyncracies star
At midlife, changing priorities; cleaning "house" to make way for a new way of living; looking inward; evolving; intolerant of rudeness and pettiness; letting go of relationships that don´t work

Mother's Day - A Mother's Tale star
Through a Mother's eyes - wondering if ultimately time 'heals all wounds' for both Mother and daughter; trusting in the wrong people - Co-dependency is dysfunctionality; the elephant in the room...

Mother's Day - Reflections star
Remembering Mothers on Mothers' Day; single/divorced Moms raising families solo; the guilt, the struggles and the joys...

Procrastination Keeps Us 'Stuck ' on 'Hold' star
Why do we put things off when we know we have to get them done? Once they´re done, we wonder why we waited so long - it was so easy -- does this sound like you? Procrastination - it's been going on for milleniums...

Psychopaths and Sociopaths Among Us star
They look like your neighbor next door - but beware of wolves in sheep's clothing; Psychopaths and Sociopaths only care about one thing - themselves, and how you can fit into their life; controlling, isolating, psychologically abusive...and one of them could be married to you or one of your adult c

Secret Agendas, Family Interference, Abuse star
Not suffering fools gladly; taking issue with judgmental and opinionated people; Relatives who take sides in your personal affairs; hypocrites; hidden agendas; mental and emotional cruelty is abuse

Stumbling through Midlife star
As I stumble through Midlife - random thoughts - pet peeves, idiosyncracies, suffering fools, neighbors...

Women are in an age of the 'Superwoman' -- always juggling a multitude of things; Are we stopping to think about what is most important? A poignant story....

The Doormat Syndrome - Breaking Free star
Do you suffer from the Doormat Syndrome? My latest article on allowing yourself to be taken advantage of, or taken for granted, might interest you...Break Free - it's liberating...stop the insanity - life is hard enough...

The Second Chapter of Our Lives star
This article is to remind people going through Midlife that it is never too late to start and experience a new beginning; to approach the second chapter of your life with a new perspective; to change things in your life if you are not happy with the status-quo; living your life ON PURPOSE;

Why Does the Second Wife Reap the Rewards? star
Why do second wives get the gravy? Why do second marriages more than the original marriages seem to work? You did all the work - and the next woman in his life seems to reap the (your) rewards. Why are second wives able to get more from your former partner?

Women, Menopause and Midlife star
Women in Midlife; Women in menopause; 'Doing the Impossible on a Daily Basis' - Our Cup runneth over...women juggle so much on their plates every day; dealing with depression, hormonal imbalance, weight issues in Midlife/Menopause; surviving the transition into Midlife and throughout menopause

Zero Tolerance for Misogynists, Abusiveness star
Zero Tolerance for abusive behavior - whether physical, mental or emotional; whether you are being victimized by a boyfriend, a husband, boss or some other bully, stop the insanity; Do not tolerate - or accept - the injustice!

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