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History where it concerns Russian cultural roots

1812 star
2012 is the bicentennial anniversary of the Great Russian Patriotic War. Napoleon’s army was defeated and the Battle of Borodino is one of the famous battles of the war.

A Siberian Husky Born to Run star
The Husky is a magical but challenging breed of dog -- sobaka --that is over 3000 years old. As the name implies, Siberian Huskies originated in the wilds of Siberian Russia and discover how the phrase "three dog night" is linked to them.

Adoptions in Russia star
Besides Ethiopia and China, Russia is a popular country for adoptions. What did the Russian President Putin recently change for Americans hoping to adopt in Russia?

Alexander Pushkin: About the Poem Exegi Monumentum star
The poem Exegi Monumentum -- The Monument (Pamiatnik) in Russian original -- by Alexander Pushkin is a good case to mention a couple of facts about Russian literary tradition.

Catherine the Great Russian Empress star
Who was Catherine the Great, the most extraordinary Empress Russia has ever known? How did a Prussian (German) princess adopt Russia as her homeland? Catherine's achievements in expanding, enlightening and educating Russia are remembered to this day.

Exegi Monumentum - a history aspect star
The title "Exegi Monumentum" employed by Russian poets from Lomonosov to Pushkin to Brusov

Famous Russians star
What do Ivan the Terrible, Peter the Great, Andrei Sakharov, and Anna Kournikova have in common? They all are famous Russians.

Ghenghis Khan Conquerer of Russia star
Who was Ghenghis Khan? He was a powerful Mongolian leader of the twelfth century who expanded his empire by conquering parts of Russia. The Mongolians or Tatars remained a presence in Russia for 250 years.

Gogol, Sviatki, and Russian Orthodox Church star
The "Noch pered Rozhdestvom" (Night Before Christmas) is a classic Russian short story in Gogol´s "Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka" series (1831-32.)

Halloween, Sviatki, and Russian Orthodox Church star
Russian Halloween analogy, Sviatki tradition, Gogol´s "Christmas Eve" and Orthodox Church position

History of the Hermitage, St Petersburg star
The timeline of the Hermitage Museum from 18th to 20th centuries, when it became one of the largest museums in the world, with clickable links to detailed information.

Ivan the Terrible star
One of Russia’s most notorious rulers and her first official czar was Ivan the Fourth. He’s commonly referred to as Ivan “Grozny” or Ivan the Terrible. He ruled Russia from 1547 to 1584, a turbulent time in Russian history.

Peace, Bending Spoons and Geller star
One of the most interesting persons I ever met was an amazing man named Uri Geller. He is credited with promoting peace, bending spoons and other paranormal activities.

Peter the Great star
Peter the Great was Russia's first emperor and during his reign, Russia was modernized. Peter is remembered as a restless giant who traveled through Europe incognito, socializing with both nobility and commoners.

Rasputin and the Royals star
Tsar Nicholas the Second and his wife Alexandra had made the acquaintance of Grigory Rasputin at the home of friends in November of 1905. Thus began an association that would span over a decade.

Rasputin in Saint Petersburg star
After periods of extensive wandering Grigory Rasputin materialized in Saint Petersburg circa 1903. It was there, in the Venice of the north, that he would meet the last ruler of Russia and their destinies would intertwine.

Rasputin's Travels star
Russia has had her share of wanderers, pilgrims, travelers also known as putniks or stranniks in Russian. One such traveler on a path was the enigmatic Rasputin, a man whose humble beginnings in a small village in Siberia would lead him to the royal court of the last Emperor.

Rus, Perun and Prince Vladimir star
A long time ago, when Mother Russia was still in her infancy, she was known as Rus. The name itself originates from the tribe of its first ruler, Prince Rurik, who agreed to rule the loosely organized native Slavs and unite them. Rus was pagan in its roots until the arrival of Christianity.

Russia: Facts and Numbers. Summary star
Just a few facts about Russian capital, language, population, life expectancy, income, religion, etc., comparing with some other countries

Russian Culture Q&A - Foods, Celebrations star
Q - ´What is Russias traditional foods? And if you know, what is Russias traditional celebrations?´

Russian Medieval History star[offsite link]
Tidbits of Russian medieval history meant as an introduction to the history of Russian culture, as teasers to put you in the mood for further investigation.

Serfs and Slaves star
Slaves existed all over the world, and slavery was not an idea concocted by one specific race. In Russia, the roots of serfdom can be traced back to the eleventh century in Kiev and the invasions of the Mongolians/Tatars.

Siberia Birthplace of Rasputin star
Explore the vast land of Siberia, the birthplace of Rasputin and home of the shaman.

Snippets from histort star[offsite link]
Imagine yourself sitting in a sleigh, covered by a mound of furs, pulled quickly along a frozen river, to the jingling of harness bells. Tha´s the way medieval Russians taveled

The Biggest Sea Battle in History star
The element of surprise such as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941 was a strategic move and not the first time that the Japanese nation staged such an attack. Without an “official” declaration of hostilities, Japanese boats attacked Russian ships docked in Port Arthur in 1904.

The Death of the USSR star
The Soviet Union or USSR – Union of Soviet Socialist Republics disintegrated and died a slow death on Christmas Day, December 25, 1991.

The Decembrists and The Russian Intelligentsia star[offsite link]
The Decembrist revolt marked a turning point in the history of Russian revolutionary movement due to its introduction of influential and intellectually advanced individuals into the battle against autocracy.

The Early Years of Rasputin star
There is a name in the annals of Russian history that still intrigues people, some ninety five years after his untimely and premeditated demise: Rasputin. This article delves into his early life.

The History of Russian Vodka star
In the ancient Rus vodka was highly appreciated and used as miracle-working medicine, combined with herbs extracts for external and internal use, not more than a half a spoon. Vodka was considered good to heal the wounds and relieve the pain.

The Kremlin star
Moscow's Kremlin is a tourist attraction and a must see for travelers to Russia. Read about the history of the Kremlin and its attractions.

The Last Night of the Romanov's star
On the night of July 17, 1918, one of the most monstrous acts in all of history was committed: the Romanov family was murdered. It was the end of the dynasty that had ruled Russia for over three hundred years.

The Legend of Feodor Kuzmich star
In Russia as in other countries, legends and myths abound. One of my favorite legends is that of one Feodor Kuzmich, circa the early nineteenth century. Feodor is said to have been the Tsar Alexander the First, who faked his death to pursue wandering in the later years of his life.

The Long Cold War star
The Cold War between the United States of America and Russia raged for many years. It was not a war of physical combat but a battle of ideologies, of political differences.

The Russian Navy in Nice star
Once, I encountered the Russian Navy on a trip to Nice. The meeting reminded me of Peter the Great who started the Navy in October of 1696.

The Tunguska Meteor star
On June 30, 1908 an interesting event occurred in Tunguska, Siberia. Many geologists and scientists conclude that a meteor or possibly a comet or asteroid fell to earth and slammed into the ground with great force.

Tsar Nicholas the Second star
Tsar Nicholas the II was the last and doomed ruler of the Romanov dynasty that had ruled Russia for three centuries.

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