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Paint Cleaning and Polishing

Restoring Your Vehicle's Finish --The Polish and Wax star
After the wash, comes the Paint Cleaner/Cleaner Wax, Polish and Wax--the complete, pure protection. You will find that you won't have to wax again for at least a month!

Achieve a Longer Lasting Gloss star
Cleaning the paint before waxing your vehicle will produce better results.

Adam's Polishes--Still Performing after 5 Weeks!! star
It´s nice to know that a product can stand up to its claim AND deliver a like new finish!

Always Keep A Fresh Coat of Wax On Your Vehicle star
Do you need to keep a fresh coat of wax on your vehicle? Of course, you do!

Auto Color restoration--After Winter's wrath star
Now that detailing season is finally here, we can get ready for that first detailing to jump start our vehicle´s color restoration for maximum color and conditioning.

Auto Paint Technology star
Do you have any idea what's really going on with your paint's finish? If you want or need technical advice about your vehicles paint, you can contact some people who can assist you with identifying your problem and help you decide what your needs are before the problem gets worse.

Automotive International star[offsite link]
Knowing your paint´s condition is knowing what your paint´s needs are. Automotive International is the leader in Automotive Paint Technology today and are ready and willing to help you make you paint the best it can be. I wouldn´t trust anyone else with my paint issues.

Automotive International star[offsite link]
Automotive International is your No. 1 source for ALL of your paint care needs. They specialize in paint cure and restoration. Accredited by GM, Ford, BMW and many other Automobile makers. I recommend Automotive International for all your paint care implement imformation. Five Stars.

Basic Auto Detailing 101 star
Don´t be afraid to detail your vehicle. With today's products, It can be a very easy to do.

Bet You didn't know... star
Cleaning and waxing the painted areas inside of your car is also priority. You know, the part of your car that gets neglected when you wash and wax your car. Keeping these areas clean will help to prevent corrosion and keep you in touch with your vehicle's condition.

Car Care Questions star
Questions asked by consumers about car care

Car Care Questions, Part 1 star
Car care questions asked by most consumers.

Cleaner Wax--Do You Need It? star
Cleaner wax does just that...deep cleans your paint from oxidization, road film and anything else the environment has to offer. Before a season of regular waxing and detailing, use Cleaner Wax--your vehicle will thank you!

Color Restoration withTurtle Wax Color Cure star
Dark finishes have a tendency to fade if they are subject to UV rays on a regular basis.

Effects of Oxidation star
What you don´t know may hurt you when it comes to your paint´s finish and clear coat. Protection can be a simple as a mere wash, wax & wipe--even in cold weather!

Getting Your Vehicle Ready for Winter star
Most of us are not so fortunate that we can put our vehicles away for the winter. This one is for those of us who don't have a Corvette,Lamborgini or Maserati that we drive for fun.

Handling Streaks and Water Spots After You've Waxed star
Streaks, swirls and water spots are a royal pain. Removal is as easy as 1-2-3! Most streaks are a result of temperature or applying too much wax or not letting the wax dry completely.

Hard Water Spot Removal with Adam's Polishes Clay Bar & Lubricant star
Hard water spots are a royal pain! Not only are they unsightly, they can damage your finish!

How To Remove Bugs From Your Vehicle's Finish star
Removing bugs from your vehicle can be tricky--but it CAN be done.

It's getting to be that time of year! star
Now that the cold weather is just around the corner, we really need to assess our need to winterize our vehicles inside and out.

Meguiar's Next Generation--Never Leave Home Without It! star
Keeping your vehicle clean and shiny between waxes can be tricky. Meguiar´s knows that and they have the solution! Their Speed Detailer, Booster Wax and Microfiber Towels are all you'll need!

Meguiar´s star[offsite link]
Cleaning your Paint´s Finish.

Nano Power Finish - A green cleaning solution star
Your vehicle's preservation is becoming more important as the elements attack your finish.

Nano Power Finish Review star
Extend your sruface protection long after you've waxed your car.

Obtaining Your Vehicle's Cleanest Finish star
How often you wash, wax and detail your vehicle makes all the difference in how long the wax lasts, peak color, shine etc.

Polishing Your Vehicle star
I detail because I think 1 am doing something that is worthwhile. I have learned so many things while doing detailing from observing the temperature, effects of moisture in the air and long term benefits of waxing.

Preserving Your Vehicle's Appearance star
Keepig your finish clean and free from oxidation is paramount for peak gloss and shine.

Removal of Water Spots star
Detailing has its tricks of the trade and then sometimes we can do our own little something special. I've tried a few things but this method is a sure thing. Meguiar´s NXT Generation Spray Wax mixed with Turtle Wax Color Cure can cure water spots in one application.

Research and Development star[offsite link]
Research and Development teams that can assist you in identifying particular problems and defects with your vehicle´s paint finish.

Scratch Removal and Prevention star
Scratch Prevention and Maintenance

Swirl Marks and Spider Web Removal star
There are many ways to remove and treat swirl marks. Starting with a clean surface makes all the difference in the world. Prevention is a whole other story!

The Benefits of Early Morning Waxing star
The Best Time of Day to wax your car. Temperature and Moisture are big factors and could mean all the difference in the world.

The WInter's Wrath star
Some aspects of why it pays to polish and wax your vehile NOW before it's too late. The Winter's wrath is soon going to be upon us. Are you ready?

Touch-Up Enamel Application star
Using touch-up enamel can be a money saver. One capsule could last you at least a year so long as you store it as recommended by the manufacturer.

Tricks of the Trade star
What Product works best on what Part.

Ultra Gloss Super Polish Repairs Neglected Finishes star
If you have an older vehicle with a neglected finish, you will want to check out ULTRA-GLOSS SUPER POLISH. It will restore your old, neglected finish to a shine you thought you´d never see again!

What Is Dead Clearcoat or Clearcoat Failure? star
There are several irreparable conditions of your vehicle´s finish. The most common is clearcoat failure or dead clearcoat.

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