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Articles on the development of moral/ethical systems and other philosophical matters.


Becoming an Atheist After Brain Damage star
If a Christian has amnesia or other brain damage, would he still be a Christian? In this article I discuss a hypothetical question and the "blank slate" theory of psychology.

Being Moral Without Religion star
What does living a good life mean? Would a god cast you into hell if you were ethical and moral and lived a good life? This article discusses these questions.

Contemplating Morality star
Question on morality to Christians.

Ethics and Evolution star
The Biological Origins of Ethical Behavior

How an Ex-Christian Now Views Life star
What is life to an atheist? How does that compare to life for a Christian? In this article, a evangelical Christian-turned-atheist compares how his view on life has changed.

Judgment Is A Necessity star
Judging ourselves and others, as well as our surroundings, plays a critical role in our survival as a species and as individuals. The popular phrase "don't judge me" reflects a lack of understanding about humans as creatures of reason, as well as denying the need for accountability in society.

Moral Relativism and the Bible star
Christians who accuse atheists of being moral relativists might want to take a look in the mirror.

Stealing star
Developing morality is a conscious effort for non-theists, a task that requires an act of will to perform. Theft is almost universally condemned in civilizations of all types, and you may be surprised by how easy it is to steal without even thinking of it as theft.

What does TV say about us star
Is television reflective of our society or a causal factor? More importantly, how does that affect how you want to live your own life? The answer to this one question determines a great deal about your future.

What Is Humanism? star
If you're looking for a philosophy of life without superstition, then humanism might be for you.

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