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Division of Poland in 12th century star
Poland has been couple times divided into smaller pieces by its opponents. However, in 12th century it was Polish king who decided to divide his country between his sons. Although it was done in good faith, it brought its citizens more problems than the king expected.

Learning history through films star
Many Polish historical novels were screened by famous directors. They tell a lot about the great times of the country and provide the viewer with depiction of costumes and traditions that were characteristic for given periods.

Learning history through films star
Many Polish historical novels were screened by famous directors. They tell a lot about the great times of the country and provide the viewer with depiction of costumes and traditions that were characteristic for given periods.

Legendary beginnings of Poland star
The legend of three brothers – Lech, Czech and Rus – explains the use of white eagle as a national symbol of Poland. The story tells also why the first legendary capital of Poland was called Gniezno and where the Piast dynasty comes from.

Mieszko I, the founder of Poland star
The first ruler of newly formed Poland has never got the title of a king. As a prince he managed, however, to strengthen united tribes. He is also the monarch who brought Christianity to the nation, introducing at the same time Latin culture.

Operation Vistula star
The operation was a part of the plan that aimed to decrease the number of Ukrainian population that inhabited southeastern part of Poland. It was preceded by exchange of citizens between Poland and Soviet Ukraine, that stayed within the two countries after the change of the borders.

Partitions of Poland star
It is hard to believe that a powerful country can one day simply vanish from the map. Partitions is a part of history of Poland that consisted of awaiting for independence. For 123 the Poles lived divided into 3 separate countries still kept hope for better future.

Piast the Wheelwright legend star
Legends might be just simple stories told to explain some events in the past, but very often they include historic information or at least information passed on by our ancestors. The legend about Piast, the founder of first Polisg royal dynasty, goes back to times when the country was inhabited

Polish princess in Scandinavian tales star
Polish queens of Piast dynasty have been remembered as wives and sisters. Only few of them have been remembered as individuals that played a great role in the history. Although Swietoslawa did not play a great role in her country of origin, she has many mentions in Scandinavian Sagas.

Polish tribes star
There are numerous tribes that used to inhabit the lands that are now within Poland. The article describes the most important ones, provides basic information mentioning also some of the important settlements and meaning of the names.

Short man, great deeds. star
When in 12th century Polish kingdom was divided into provinces, ruled by princes of Piast family, its citizens hoped for reunion. Dreams of the powerful king who would gain the rule over the whole country were fulfilled by prince Ladislau the Short whose stubbornness led to reunion.

Silence, a film review star
This movie, although it is not a documentary, tells a story based on real events. ‘Silence’ is dedicated to one of the most known tragedies in the Tatra mountains that took place in 2003. An avalanche killed a group of secondary students from Tychy.

St Jadwiga, the only female king of Poland star
The life of Jadwiga, saint and monarch of Poland, is admired by the Poles. Her goodness and charity work was rewarded with canonization in 1997. Although she lived only 25 years, she influenced people through her deeds and donations.

Swedish Deluge star
When Zygmunt III Waza became the king of Poland nobody suspected that he would cause the conflict between Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and Sweden. Many years later, when one of his sons ruled Poland, the Swedes decided to use the weakness of the country and invade it.

The biggest tragedy of post war Poland star
Thed day of 10th of April 2010 will be for sure one of the most tragic days in Polish history. The presidential plane crashed in Russia, killing almost 100 people. Among the deceased there was President of Poland with his wife and many other.

The Grunwald Battle star
The battle between Kingdom of Poland and Lithuania is one of the biggest in Medieval history. It helped the Poles and Lithuanians to defeat the Teutonic Order Knights. 500 years later the memory of the battle was brought back with hopes of reviving the country.

The history of Polish anthem star
Dabrowski’s Mazurkas, as the Polish anthem was initially called, was created in Italy among Polish Legions that fought during Napoleonic Period. They believed that support towards the leader of France will help them to gain independence. This patriotic song was their encouragement.

The king who stopped Turkish invasion star
Jan III Sobieski is one of the most famous Polish kings. He is especially popular due to his military talent and success in battles with Ottoman Empire. As he believed he is protecting his country and faith, he was also believed to be Catholicism protector and savior.

World War II history of Poland star
The links provided on the website will enable you to learn more about history of Poland within World War II. You can read about Auschwitz, Katyn and history of Poles sent to Siberia.

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