Menopause around the world

Women around the world will all experience menopause, provided they live long enough to reach their menopausal years. Read the similarities and differences in this series of articles.

African women and menopause A Beginning star
Women in Africa are accepting menopause as a natural life phase. It was not so long ago Western women learned that menopause is not a disease. Does a woman's social setting affect her understanding?

Chinese women and menopause star
Chinese women dealing with menopause report many of the same symptoms as Western women. Why does this matter? The more we learn about menopause around the world, the more we learn about ourselves.

HRT awareness in Borneo Island women star
Menopausal women in Borneo Island are starting to learn about HRT, but are they getting the right information from the right sources?

Indian women and menopause star
Women in India deal with menopause as well as social and cultural barriers that silence women's issues. What can we learn from one of the largest menopausal populations in the world?

Irish women and menopause star
Women in Ireland show us that women everywhere share many of the same concerns about menopause and that things are starting to improve.

Islamic women and menopause star
Islamic women and menopause - we have to break down false beliefs and provide quality healthcare access to all women. The Muslim Women's League provides advice we can all use.

Japanese women and menopause star
Women everywhere experience menopause and the similarities and differences teach us a lot, as this article examines menopause for Japanese women.

Konenki Menopause in Japan star
In Japanese, 'konenki' is more than just menopause. What does having a positive term for the change mean for women in Japan and elsewhere?

Menopause and Islam star
Menopause in Islamic culture, what does the Qur'an teach? This brief examination helps to further understanding and dispense with assumptions held by many in the West.

Menopause in India and the IMS star
Women in India face enourmous challenges when it comes to menopause. The Indian Menopause Society is working to improve women's lives; it was not so long ago Western women faced the same discrimination.

Menopause in South Africa star
Black South African women report menopause means freedom and elevated community status. Sound too good to be true?

Menopause symptoms in Latin American women star
Like the chicken and the egg, does menopause affect quality of life? Or does quality of life affect menopause? Researchers in Latin America search for answers.

Nigerian women and menopause star
We can learn a lot about ourselves during menopause from women around the world. This article takes us to Nigeria.

Osteoporosis risk factors in Indonesian women star
Indonesian postmenopausal women face the same osteoporosis risk factors as do women in the West. But are there any differences that make having a localized research study necessary?

Portuguese women and menopause star
Studies give us a snapshot of the typical menopausal woman. What can recent Portuguese menopause research tell us that we do not already know?

Scottish women and menopause star
A recent Scottish study showed some interesting factors behind menopausal symptoms. Yet women in Scotland, as elsewhere, know that menopause is not easily explained in start terms.

Slovenian women and menopause star
Slovenian women report their menopause symptoms and their impact in a three-phase study from 1990-2010.

Taiwanese women and menopause star
Women in Taiwan, just as women elsewhere, are reluctant to talk to their doctors about menopause. A doctor's diagnosis makes being menopausal 'official' for us.

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