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5 Things to Do When Visiting Japan star
There are five things that you must be sure to do on your first trip to Japan, regardless of whatever part of the country you plan to visit.

Aoshima Shrine star
Shrines and temples are a dime a dozen in the Land of the Rising Sun, but one particular shrine in Southern Kyushu stands out for the sheer variety of fortune telling activities one can do there.

Beppu Hot Spring Hells star
Japan is famous for their numerous onsen or hot springs for bathing. But there are two places in this country where there are hot springs specifically for viewing purposes. One of them is in Beppu, Oita Prefecture in the Kyushu region.

Himeyuri Peace Museum star
Everyone knows about the Peace Memorial Park and A-Bomb Dome in Hiroshima, and the Peace Park in Nagasaki commemorating the atomic bombings in these two cities during World War II. Lesser known, but no less significant, is the Himeyuri Peace Museum in Okinawa.

Hokkaido - Abashiri Prison Museum star
Japan is not all just about anime and gadgets, shrines and nature. For a unique experience, get a taste of life in Japan's maximum security prison.

Jomon Sugi – Japan’s Oldest Tree star
Tagged at between 2,000 to 7,000 years, the Jomon Sugi is undeniably the oldest tree in Japan.

Matsumoto And Matsushiro Sightseeing Spots star
Alrighty, this week's article is a double issue of sorts - you get information on not one, but two places of interests with very contrasting atmospheres – located in Matsumoto City and Matsushiro Town in Nagano Prefecture, Central Japan. Check it out!

Momotaro – Peach Boy star
In this article, find out some bite-sized information on a very famous old Japanese fable. But that's not all – learn about the actual places in Japan where this legend was based on. Yup, they are tourist attractions...

Nijo Jo Castle - Kyoto’s Famous Castle star
Nijo Castle is a wonderful example of the glorious days of the Shogunate, with its Moat, towers and not forgetting the chirping nightingale floors. All these provide visitors, with a memorable experience, of the old and not forgotten days of Japan.

Ocean Dome - Japan's Indoor Beach star
Japan’s found a way to have sunny skies all year long. Located in Miyazaki, on Kyushu Island, is the world’s largest indoor beach, appropriately named Ocean Dome.

Onsen - Relax at a Japanese Hot Spring star
The Onsen hot springs has being the way of life, for the Japanese and although it was exclusively for a selected few in the past, the Onsen hot springs has being in existence for over a thousand years.

Osorezan - Fear Mountain star
Nestled somewhere in remote Shimokita Peninsula, the northernmost part of the main island of Japan, lies a place said to the gateway to hell – Osorezan, or “Fear Mountain”.

The Hells of Beppu star[offsite link]
Features pictures and descriptions of the nine hells, or hot springs for viewing, rather than bathing, located in Beppu

The Memorial Structures for the Hiroshima Bombing star
The bombing of Hiroshima, was a dark day in the history of Japan, but today some of the structures that were bombed, have being kept aside to remember that day, as well as honor all who were affected.

Toei Uzumasa Eigamura – Toei Kyoto Studio Park star
Kyoto is well-known for its many shrines, temples and rich history. One particular tourist attraction in Kyoto that does not involve shrines and temples is Toei Uzumasa Eigamura, known as Toei Kyoto Studio Park in English.

Udo Shrine star
There exist shrines and temples in Japan with some rather interesting motifs - like one that has a host of ways to tell your fortune, or another containing a key to paradise. Now, are you ready to read about a shrine that houses holy boobs?

Weird Baths In Japan star
Had a stressful day? Would you like to relax and enjoy a warm luxurious bath? What if your bath was made, with ramen noodle soup or coffee? Are you still tempted?

Zenkoji And The Key To Paradise star
Would you like to gain enlightenment and be granted salvation, Buddhist-style? You can achieve these fairly easily at a certain temple in central Japan. Find out how and where in this week�s article!

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