This series of tutorials and articles will give you the basic knowledge to be able to work with databases. MySQL and PHP Text DB API (a flat file database SQL) are examples. Also general knowledge.

* PHP Article Index - Database star
Articles and tutorials and projects about working with PHP and databases - check this list categorized by subject.

A Custom Configuration File For PHP Programs star
You want your PHP program to be usable and customizable for anyone. You need an easy way for any end user of your program to use his own host, username and password. So hard-coding into the program code is not a good idea. A better idea is to place the code in a special configuration file.

An Introduction to phpMyAdmin for Databases star
Once you are ready to use a database in your PHP programs, you have a few options available to you for creating and working with databases. You can write your own PHP programs that will set up the database and its tables or you can use a prewritten program such as phpMyAdmin.

Backup Your MySQL Database with phpMyAdmin star
One of the most important tasks for a webmaster is to keep a current backup of your database. One easy way to manually backup your database is with phpMyAdim.

How to Connect to the MySQL Server with the PHP mysql_connect Function star
When you are ready to work with the MySQL database in your PHP programs, the first thing you must do is connect to (or identify yourself to) the MySQL server. Here is the PHP function you will use to open a connection to the MySQL server.

How To Install The Sokkit Webserver Toolkit star
Now that you have downloaded the Sokkit Webserver Toolkit, you are ready to install Sokkit on your computer and write your first program. Actually Sokkit is self installing which means that you will be up and running in a few minutes.

Introduction To Databases star
One of the greatest features of PHP is how well it works with databases. But many people are intimidated when they begin working with databases. However a database is really just a bunch of data stored in a logical order. You can store any type of data in a database.

MySQL Data Types - Most Frequently Used star
What Goes Into MySQL Database Tables,how to set up MySQL table,what is a MySQL data type,what is a MySQL table field,what is a MySQL table record,building a table in MySQL,building a table using PHP

PHP-Text-DB API - A Text File Database System star
What do you do if you want to add database functionality to your website but your web host does not offer this feature? One answer is a pseudo SQL system that could work on text files.

The MySQL Database and Rules for Using SQL Queries star
How do you communicate with the MySQL server? You will use the SQL computer language and, like PHP, you can put the SQL code within the HTML code for your webpages.

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