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Hearing Dog Tool - Adding Randomness
In iterative development round three for our program to help train a hearing dog we add an element of randomness.

Hearing Dog Training Tool – setTimeout()
In iterative development round two for our program to help train a hearing dog we add in setting the alarm using the DOM method setTimeout() .

GCJ - an Independant Java Implementation
Learn about GCJ, a Java implementation from the Free Software Foundation

Iterative Development First Pass – Hearing Dog Training Tool
A look at how the initial pass in iterative development looks using a program to help train a hearing dog.

Program Planning – Hearing Dog Alert Training Tool
A look at the planning stage of software development using a program to help train a hearing dog as an example.

Programming Fun for Kids and Kids At Heart
Scratch is a full-featured programming language disguised as children´s entertainment and one of the best children´s software products I´ve ever seen. Best of all, it´s free to download!

Java and JavaScript – What's the Difference?
The differences between Java and JavaScript explained for beginners and non-technical people.

Java Increment and Decrement Operators
Learn to use the Java increment and decrement operators "++" and "--"

JavaScript Slide Show With Functions
Use JavaScript functions to create a JavaScript slide show with thumbnails that change as they are selected.

JavaScript Slide Show with CSS
Building on the simple JavaScript slide show by adding CSS for a nicer more professional slide show.

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