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King Midas: Not Just a Greek Myth
Imagine our surprise to learn that King Midas, the mythological King whose touch turned everything to gold, actually lived in an ancient town not far from Ankara, the capital of Turkey.

Bolu, Turkey
Discover Bolu, Turkey, the place where hot springs, downhill skiing, mountain trekking, forests, and rustic Turkish living can be enjoyed.

Turkish Museums
Visiting Turkish Museums? You'll want to get the Turkish Museum Pass Card and save a lot of money! There's one for tourists, and another for Turkish citizens and legal residents!

Turkish Holidays
A concise list of the major Turkish holidays...important to know when you are visiting Turkey!

Once There Was, Twice There Wasn't - A Review
Anyone wanting to truly understand Turkish culture would do well to read the book, "Once There Was, Twice There Wasn't" by Michael Shelton. Knowing the stories, jokes, and tragedies of a culture is one of the keys to understanding the language and learning how to build bridges to the people.

Ankara, Turkey
What is the capital of Turkey and where is it located? What is it like? Learn about Ankara and Turkish culture in the capital.

What is the Hashemite Kingdom?
What is the Hashemite Kingdom? Who are the rulers of Jordan?

An Introduction to Yemen Culture
Yemen is a beautiful country with friendly people. One of the most ancient Islamic cultures, it holds the key entrance to the Red Sea and the transport of oil.

Studying Culture in the Middle East
Studying Middle Eastern Culture is an ambitious undertaking. What elements make up culture, and how do we begin to make sense of even understanding Middle Eastern Culture?

How to Make Turkish Coffee
Turkish coffee plays an important part in Turkish culture. Learn how to make Turkish coffee and understand its role in Turkish life.

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