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2013 - Free Mused Literary Review Ebooks

The BellaOnline Mused Literary Review offers poetry, short stories, artwork, non-fiction works, plays, and interviews each quarter. The magazine is offered in ebook format for free! This gorgeous, formatted PDF is a delightful way to enjoy each season of the year. Mused is published on each solstice and equinox.

  2 0 1 3   I S S U E S  

Winter Solstice 2013 - Volume 7, Issue 4

Winter lets us soak in the beauty of dark, relish the serenity of stillness, and find that moment to connect with what really matters in life. It's a time for introspection, for pondering, for seeking within for what makes us who we are.

A drop of rainwater poises, shimmering, with all the time in the world. A carved spiral of a morning glory bud holds still, fragrant with promise. Arches of rock open a window to another world.

Poems awaken the imagination. An elderly, bed-ridden patient soars. A man living off the land compassionately cares for the wildlife which shares his world. A wife shoulders anything and everything for the precious gift of staying at her husband's side.

Non-fiction gives us powerful glimpses into the tensions our world can hold. A ten year old boy in the deep south comes face to face with the brutality of the Klan. A shy Iranian bride learns that marriage can be cold, lonely. A younger sister survives foster care only due to her older sister's constant vigilance.

Fiction brings emotions rich with depth. A mother struggles with the loss of her son. A woman pushes to move on with her life after a rough break-up. Another sorts through a relationship, wondering if it's worth hanging onto.

Our play looks at relationships, connecting, and letting go.

Take time to breathe. Curl up in a blanket, pour a glass of tea, and let it in. Free Ebook Version of Winter Solstice 2013 Issue

Autumn Equinox 2013 - Volume 7, Issue 3

Autumn is a time of beauty and gratitude, of appreciating all nature has presented for us and soaking in the serenity of our world around us. Medieval folk would refer to this simply as "harvest season" - for to them that was the key function of this time of year.

Artwork explores nature's glory in this harvest season. A sunflower glows with gold and brown. A single drop on a leaf glistens with shimmering color. A skilled banjo player shares his love of music.

Poetry brings us in further. Sage smoke rises from the center of a labyrinth. Henna and fuchsia leaves delight the eye. The vanilla fragrance of an orchid warms the heart.

Non-fiction lets us step into another's shoes. A young girl stands up to bullies. A young woman finds her path in life. A daughter struggles with her father's aging.

Fiction explores the realms of growth. A teen girl balances between childhood and adult issues. An adoptive mother comes to terms with her mix of emotions.

Photographer Joann Vitali demonstrates to us how beauty is all around us, if we simply take the time to slow down and be aware. A meadow beneath an apple tree, or a window frame onto a wooded back yard - each can present a moment to savor.

Come savor the moment with us. Free Ebook Version of Autumn Equinox 2013 Issue

Summer Solstice 2013 - Volume 7, Issue 2

The Summer Solstice is a time of light, of strength, of warmth, and of celebration. Our English word "Summer" comes from the Norse word "sumar", and it's probably fitting that those Scandanavians found joy in the longest day, to offset their frosty winters. Looking even further back in history, the word "Solstice" traces to Latin, where it means "Sun Stationary". In the winter the sun races across the sky, eager to burrow back down into night again. In the summer the sun lingers, serenely, bathing us in its golden glow.

Our artwork celebrates the beauty of summer. Orchids burst in a cascade of pink and ivory. Macro photography reminds us that rainbows come in all shapes and sizes. Drifting seeds provide a glimpse into the fleeting beauty which makes a moment magical.

Poetry creates scenes of lyrical wonder. We relax while fishing by warm mud and cottonwood. A roseated sea sprays bursts of pastel foam amid jaded greenery. A quiet cottage holds summer memories as time fades them into a dusty past.

Fiction stories draw us into fresh visions of the world. A man valiantly seeks out chocolate for his lover in after-hours France. A woman moves back to her home town and ponders the changes life brings. An elderly man and young girl consider the meaning of God.

Non-Fiction opens windows into the lives of those around us. A sister struggles to cope with a brother who faces challenges. A daughter becomes the parent for her aging father. A wife navigates the rocky road of a cheating husband and a beloved dog who is fading.

Our play glimpses a remnant of the elegant South, a world of carriage houses and azalea gardens. Our interview celebrates the music of Neptune's Car, where singer-songwriter Holly Hanson explores the beauty of the sea and the strength of a female captain.

Pour a glass of cool water, stretch out on the shady hammock, and enjoy all the issue has to offer!

Free Ebook Version of Summer Solstice 2013 Issue

Spring Equinox 2013 - Volume 7, Issue 1

Seven is a lucky number in many cultures. There are seven stunning wonders of the world. We bask in seven shimmering colors of the rainbow. The Chinese have seven gods. In the Bible, Jericho is circled seven times. We each have seven chakras which bring us energy. And today, Mused turns seven! Welcome to our seventh year of the Mused Literary Magazine. We're thrilled to have you in our community!

Our seventh season is full of insight and illumination. A transcentandly beautiful cyclamen bud swirls in seven shades of peach. Seven poignant syllables illustrate the end of a moth's brief, incandescent life. Seven stanzas explore the nature of redemption.

Sometimes seven can define our world. A convict's claustrophobic cell is only seven feet wide. For one girl, the Seventh of July becomes a day she can never forget. Church bells chime out the seventh hour over a sleepy town.

Enjoy the richness of spring, and bring the beauty, joy, and magical quality of seven into your own life. The world spreads out before you, ready for you to embrace it. Cherish your insights. As author Sharon Salzberg remindsd us, "pay attention to them with as much balance and compassion as possible." They are there to lift you, to help you grow and find your serenity.

Free Ebook Version of Spring Equinox 2013 Issue
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