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Thank you for taking the time to learn why you should be interested in the Women in Music newsletter. The purpose of this newsletter is to keep my readers up to date with all that goes on with the Women in Music site. The focal point of my site, as well as the newsletter is obviously women in music. However, I plan to focus more on the independent, lesser known artists as opposed to those that can easily be found all over mainstream media. I don’t plan on disregarding popular artists completely, but I do feel that most of them have plenty of media coverage as it is. I would like to introduce my readers to brilliant artists, who may not have the funds/management to promote themselves in the same manner as those at the top of the billboards. I am looking forward to exploring all genres.

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Each newsletter will inform subscribers of all new articles or contests taking place at the BellaOnline Women in Music site, as well as any other information (pertaining to the site) that I feel subscribers will be interested in. The content of the newsletter will only contain information regarding women in music. Subscribers, in no way, will receive information about anything else. Unsubscribing is easy and can be done anytime you wish. A link to unsubscribe can be found at the bottom of each and every newsletter we send out so that you may stop receiving the newsletter if you choose to do so, without difficulty.

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