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Amateur Meteorology
Would you like to observe and predict the weather? Learn how!

Basic Information
Information about underlying factors and how they influence the weather.

Climate Change
We often hear about global warming on the news, but some scientists are looking for another ice age. Read more about our changing climate.

Education and Careers
Information about careers in meteorology, along with suggestions for teaching kids about the weather.

Emergency Preparedness
Learn how to prepare your family for weather and other emergencies.

Fun and Games
Interested in fun activities related to weather? Stop in here!


Learn to read maps used for weather reporting and prediction.

Product Reviews
Reviews of products and services related to the weather.




Unusual and Extreme
A rain of frogs? Temperature 100 below zero(F)? These and other anomalous weather events are addressed here.

Volcanoes and Earthquakes
From Pompeii to Mount St. Helens, volcanos have held a special place of fascination and awe throughout civilization. And every year, the earth is shaken by over 1,000 sizeable earthquakes.

Weather´s Impact
Weather events and patterns impact many aspects of our daily lives.

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