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Health and Medicine
India´s traditional health practices are based on holistic approach to health as can be seen in Ayurveda. Indian herbs and medicines have their own unique healing properties which is gaining recogniti

Animal / Plant Life
India is home to an assortment of fascinating animals and plants. Here are some life forms some of which also have a cultural significance and are unique to the Indian Sub Continent.

Arts / Crafts
Indian Arts and crafts are well known across the globe. Take a look at some ethnic, Indian creations and traditional techniques used in Indian handicrafts.

Book Reviews
In this section I have added reviews of books on travel, food, culture and several interesting aspects of India. Read on to find the best books suited for you.

Customs / Traditions
India is a land of peculiar customs and traditions handed down from one generation to another. Here are some interesting practices akin to India.

Fairs / Festivals
Fun and frolic, fairs, festivals and celebrations are the heart and soul of Indian life. Read on to know more about Indian holidays and festivals and the rituals associated with them.

Fashion / Accessories
Indian dressing styles have a very rich history with ornate, elaborate, fancy clothing with accessories. Lets discover the variety and changes that are occurring to the wardrobe in Indian culture.

Fine Arts and Performing Arts
India´s passion for arts has a long history with music, dance, theater, paintings and architecture. Lets look at the traditional and contemporary art forms that are changing the arts landscape.

Indian food is known for its hot and sour varieties. Learn more about the traditional Indian food, festive foods and unique cooking ingredients and equipment used in Indian kitchens.

Fun / Games
The fun and games section is the lighter side of Indian Culture. Here you will find word games, memory games, quizzes and lots of exciting things to do while you linger on the Indian Culture site.

India has a long history dotted with notable events. Here are some important milestones in Indian History.

Language / Literature
India is a land of several languages and accomplished writers and poets. Take a tour of the Indian literary world in this section.

Religion and Spirituality
India as a home to many religions,has contributed to the Indian culture and society immensely. A parallel path of spirituality as a personal choice is gaining momentum as well.

Learn more about books, magazines and media which feature India and promote Indian Culture here.

Indian sports and games have a big role to play in Indian society. Read on to learn more about the origin, growth and trends in India´s traditional sports and new ones.

Indian destinations offer an array of scenic landscapes and Historic locations with breath taking sights to explore. Learn more about exotic travel destinations and tips on travelling in India here

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