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Animated Romance
Romantic characters in film come in all shapes and sizes. They even come in the form of cartoons.

Comedy Romance
Romance movies that will touch your heart with laughter.

Fantasy Romance
Romance movies that causes you to lose yourself in fantastical dreams, other worlds, and happily ever afters.

Historical Romance
These romance movies took place during and before World War II.

Holiday Films
These films often watched during the holidays but stick with us all year.

Movie Couples
The chemistry that is shared between these couples on screen are forever etched in our minds.

Hear the songs, watch the characters dance across the screen with grace, and listen to the melody and harmony.

These movies may seem strange or unconventional. They may cause us to wonder what happened in the film. They can also be funny and have depth.

Romantic Classics
These movies are the ones that last a lifetime in many of our minds. The are the unforgotten. They are remembered forever. Nothing can replace them -- not even the remakes.

Romantic Dramas
Are you ready for the drama? These movies make us think, grow, and sometimes cry. There is usually a story line with an immense amount of emotion and heart. I must warn you, you may need a box of tiss

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