Formula 1 is a highly technical sport, and there are plenty of rules to adhere to. There are also constant adjustments and suggestions that try to mould the future of the series.

2008 Rule Proposals by the FIA star
Just before Christmas, the FIA released their proposals for new rules affecting the 2008 season. They aren´t confirmed by any means yet, and given the strict nature of the rules, it´s up to you to decide whether they should be.

Another Qualifying Tweak star
Following on from the Malaysia qualifying incident, the FIA have decided to change qualifying again. It´s only a small tweak, but it´s led to plenty of discussion over whether the current qualifying system is working or not.

Bridgestone Test Single Wet Tyre star
The current choice between extreme and intermediate wet tyres can be the difference between winning and losing a race. Therefore, a single wet tyre is being evaluated. Here we look at why and whether it will come to anything.

FIA 2011 Regulation Changes star
The 2011 season changes have been announced by the FIA, and include the return of some previously banned rules.

FIA Change Points System star
With just days to go before the season gets underway in Australia, the FIA met to discuss several regulation changes - and announced a revolutionary new points system.

FIA Open Tender for Standard Engines star
The FIA have opened the tender process to third party suppliers, hoping to introduce standard engines to the sport in 2010. Here we take a look at what that means, and how the sport will change.

FIA Partner with Cosworth for 2010 star
The concept of a standard engine in Formula 1 is becoming more like a reality, as Max Mosley releases more details about the FIA´s plans.

FIA Publish Medals Analysis star
The FIA have looked into Bernie Ecclestone´s medals rather than points idea and published some statistics. Here we take a look at them, and whether it means anything for the future.

Flexible Floors star
Some more F1 politics and calls of cheating have pointed the FIA to investigate Ferrari and BMW and their flexible floors.

FOTA Announce Future Proposals star
FOTA held a press conference today to reveal their findings from investigations and market research into the future of F1. Here we take a look at their suggestions.

Further Engine Clarifications star
The new regulations are constantly causing questions to be asked, but gradually the FIA are sorting them out. Here we look at further clarifications to the engine rules.

KERS Makes a Comeback star
KERS makes a return to F1 racing one year after being shelved for cost and safety issues. Let's take a fresh look at the pros and cons of the energy boost system.

New Championship Deciding System Retracted star
The FIA announced a new scoring system that would see the driver with the most wins be champion over a driver with more points but less wins. That has now been retracted, thanks to FOTA's intervention.

Rear Diffuser Controversy star
Controversy surrounding the rear diffuser designs implemented by Brawn, Williams, and Toyota has led to yet another rule change by the FIA.

Rear Diffusers Cause Issues star
The 2009 cars have been in development for months, but now they have been unveiled it looks like some of the teams have interpreted the rules differently to the others. The rear diffusers are causing some angst in the paddock that could affect the Australian Grand Prix.

Recent FIA World Council Proposals star
The FIA World Council got together last week to discuss several important matters regarding the way F1 is run, and here we will go through some of the information that came from that meeting.

Sporting Regulation Changes star
The 2008 season sees a lot of changes to both the sporting and technical regulations. Take a look at what the difference between the two is, what the changes are, and how they will affect the teams on the grid.

Team Orders at McLaren? star
Team orders are a very touchy subject in the Formula 1 paddock, and the recent race at Monaco saw McLaren in line for an FIA investigation. Read more about it here.

Teams Begin to Doubt KERS star
With the 2009 cars launching over the next few weeks, we´re starting to see how the new season will take shape. However, some are beginning to doubt how well KERS will work and whether to run it or not.

Technical Regulation Changes star
The 2008 season sees a lot of changes to both the sporting and technical regulations. Take a look at what the difference between the two is, what the changes are, and how they will affect the teams on the grid.

The Movable Rear Wing star
The introduction of a movable rear wing has become one of the most controversial changes announced for the 2011 season. Find out more about it and why it is causing such a row.

Three Race Engines star
One of the new cost-cutting measures from the FOTA agreement with the FIA is to extend the life of the engine. Here we look at what that means, and what effect it might have.

Turning Friday Practice into Testing star
Recent ideas to reduce costs have included a scheme of turning Friday Practice into a test day, and scrapping in-season testing. Here I look at the pros and cons of that idea, and whether it would work.

Tyre Distinctions star
2007 will bring new rules regarding tyres - there is just one supplier for every single team, and there will be no secrets regarding the tyre choice for the race. Read on to find out more.

What is CFD? star
CFD is being touted as the next big thing in development, as the FIA stringently cut down on wind tunnel usage. Here we look at what it is, how it is used, and whether it can replace the wind tunnel in the future.

World Motorsport Council Decisions star
The WMSC met last week in Monaco to agree future Formula 1 regulations. They came up with a raft of new ideas, and here we take a look at some of them.

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