Baby Names
Names grouped according to various themes.

Award-Winning Boy Names star
Boy name ideas that come from the names of prestigious prizes, medals, awards, trophies and more.

Award-Winning Girl Names star
Girl name ideas that come from the names of prestigious prizes, medals, awards, trophies and more.

Baby Names and the Number 8 star
How to commemorate the number 8...with a name!

Baby Names Ending with Bella star
We all know of names like Isabella and Annabella. What other girl names out there end with -bella?

Baby Names for Halloween star
Is your baby due near Halloween? Baby names inspired by scary movies!

Baby Names from Beer star
Could there be a few good baby names on tap at your local pub?

Baby Names from Chocolate star
If you're a chocolate-lover, check these names out. Each has a special connection to your favorite confection. :)

Baby Names from Fruit star
Are you a foodie? Here are some fruit-flavored baby names, for boys and girls.

Baby Names from Goddesses star
Athena, Lakshmi, Vesta...if you want to name your baby girl after a goddess, this is the place to start!

Baby Names from Gods star
Adonis, Evander, Zeus: Ideas for those who want to name their baby boys in honor of the gods.

Baby Names from Literature star
Are you a bibliophile? These baby name ideas come from a number of popular books...

Baby Names from Music star
Want a musical name for your baby?

Baby Names from Stars star
Want a name that's been inspired by the night sky?

Baby Names Starting with X star
X marks the spot for many modern parents. Read on to learn why the letter X is so popular.

Baby Names Starting with Y star
Why ask why? Try a Y.

Baby Names that Say Love star
Want a baby name that has something to do with love? If so, this is a great place to start.

Boy Names from Song star
Some music-inspired baby names for boys.

Disney Character Baby Names star
Do you love any Disney character so much that you would consider using their name as a baby name?

Flower Names for Baby Girls star
Floral name ideas for your baby girl.

Four Syllable Boy Names star
Long, formal names for your baby boy.

Four Syllable Girl Names star
Long, formal names for your baby girl.

Girl Names from Song star
Do you love music? A sampling of song-inspired names for baby girls.

Holiday Season Baby Names star
Is your baby due during the holiday season? Here are some baby names related to Christmas, Chanukah, and other winter holidays.

Ice Cream Baby Names star
Baby names inspired by a favorite summer treat.

Nature Names for Baby Boys star
Most nature names are given to there anything left for the baby boys?

New Year's Baby Names star
Having a baby right around the start of the new year?

Nicknames for Baby Names star
Common nicknames (and some of the given names that go with them).

Occupational Baby Names star
Want to know which baby names refer to professions and occupations?

Old Fashioned Girl Names star
Want an old-fashioned name that sounds fashionable, but isn't extremely trendy? Here are dozens of ideas!

One Syllable Boy Names star
Simple, concise male names for your baby boy.

One Syllable Girl Names star
Simple, concise female names for your baby girl.

Palindrome Baby Names star
Do you value symmetry and balance? If so, check out these palindromic baby names!

Place Names as Baby Names star
The place to look for place-inspired baby names!

Saint Names for Baby Boys star
From John and Jude to Hilary and Josemaria.

Saint Names for Baby Girls star
From Anne and Clare to Apollonia and Clotilda.

Surname Baby Names star
Like the sound of surnames as first names? You're not alone!

Thanksgiving Baby Names star
Is your baby due near Thanksgiving?

Tree Names as Baby Names star
Looking for an arboreal baby name like Willow, Aspen, or Cedar?

Unisex Baby Names star
Alexis, Amari, Angel, Avery: Introducing the next generation of dual-gender baby names

Very Long Baby Names star
Are you a fan of nicknames? Try a super-long baby name that can be shortened (...often many ways).

Very Short Baby Names star
Like to keep things simple? Take a look at some super-short baby names.

Virtue Baby Names star
From Silence and Obedience to Harmony and Freedom, with a bit Grace and Hope along the way.

Worst Celebrity Baby Names star
Are these the worst celebrity baby names of all time?

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