Intermediate Math

Methods and resources for teaching basic number skills and concepts for intermediate and middle school learners.

Find All Factors star
A sure way to find all factors of a number using prime factorization. star[offsite link] has a variety of sample problems plus online tutors and more.

Converting Decimals - Percents - Fractions star
Decimals, Fractions, Percents….Oh My! Relax, it isn’t that scary. Click and you’ll learn for yourself.

Converting Fractions - Decimals star
Learn how to convert fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions. Includes practice problems.

Decimal Review - Add - Subtract - Multiply star
Click on this straight forward review lesson about reading, writing, adding, subtracting, and multiplying decimals without confusion.

Dividing with Decimals star
Many times students freeze at the sight of a decimal, but there’s no need to do so. Let me help you put the decimal drama to rest.

Exponent Basics star
Can you remember when you learned multiplication and discovered multiplication was a faster and shorter way to represent repeated addition? Well there is a faster and shorter way to represent repeated multiplication.

Fractions - Adding Mixed Numbers star
Learn how to Add mixed numbers with like and unlike denominators.

Fractions - Adding Unlike Denominators - LCM star
Least common multiples are very useful in finding the least common denominator when adding and subtracting fractions. Let’s look at one method to find least common multiples, as well as the purpose and meaning of them.

Fractions - Dividing Fractions star
Dividing fractions made easy.

Fractions - Multiplying Fractions star
You’ll be glad to know multiplying fractions do not require the same denominators. So click and give it a try. It's easier than you think.

Fractions - Subtracting Mixed Numbers star
Do you wonder how to subtract mixed numbers? Do you know how to handle unlike denominators or how to regroup or to borrow with mixed numbers? Take a deep breath and let us take it one step at a time. Click and begin.

GCF and LCM by Prime Factorization star
A straight forward way to find the greatest common factor (GCF) and least common multiple (LCM) using prime factorization. Article includes examples and on-line practice.

GED Math - What to Expect star
Are you considering earning your GED? Take away some of the fear of math by knowing what to expect.

How to Find Common Factors star
An Efficient Method to Find Common Factors

How to Simplify Expressions star
A straight forward approach to simplifying expressions

Integer Practice Problems - Addition star
Review and Practice Problems for adding positive and negative numbers

Integer Practice Problems - Subtraction star
Great idea for a warm up exercise for Subtraction of Integers

Integers - Absolute Value star
The absolute truth and nothing but the truth about absolute value.

Integers - Adding Integers star
Straight forward explanation of adding integers.

Integers - Multiplication and Division star
Multiplying and dividing integers is easier than you think. Take a look.

Integers - Subtracting Signed Numbers star
Subtracting positive and negative numbers

Integers- Positve and Negative Numbers star
A fun way to look at integers. We begin by meeting the two family members.

Math Mnemonics - Memory Tips star
Mnemonic is a memory aid used to make a connection between what you know and what you want or need to know. This article will share mnemonics and other memory tips for math.

Math Review - Solving Equations star
A quick review on solving equations with two mnemonics to remember the steps geometry pages star[offsite link] has an area set aside for geometry, with practice tests and basic information.

Metric System Crossword Puzzle star
Measurement - Metric system review crossword puzzle

Percents - Ratios - Proportions - Word Search star
Math review for percents, ratios, and proportions with a word search puzzle and answers with explanations

Pre Algebra Vocabulary Activity star
Here's a quick vocabulary activity for the Fall. The first letter of each word reveals a message.

Reducing Fractions star
When is it necessary to reduce fractions? How do I reduce fractions? When have I reduced enough? Finally, get the answer to your questions.

Subtracting Like and Unlike Denominators star
Do unlike denominators disturb you? Go to a quiet place, and let’s examine the situation.

Subtracting Mixed Numbers and Whole Numbers star
How do you subtract mixed numbers from whole numbers? Uh? That’s what I thought. This is a commonly missed fraction problem. Once, you read this article your “uh” will change to “ah ha!”

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