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A series of articles that talk about some of the basics of every Martial Arts training. From training techniques, to key learning philosophies, to simple exercises you can incorporate in your trainin

4 Simple Tips to Keep Your Child in Martial Arts star
Are you struggling to keep your child involved in Martial Arts? Here are 4 simple tips that you can do to try and help keep them interested.

A Proper Fist star
Knowing how to form a proper fist is critical for a new student in Martial Arts training.

A Proper Martial Arts Stance star
One of the first things a Martial Artist learns is how to stand. Learn more about what you gain from this training and a basic stance known as the Square Horse.

Can You Train in Martial Arts Via Video? star
It seems common these days and in this world of technology to consider training through videos or even the newer technology of podcasts. But the question remains, how effective is this form of training?

Chemistry of Combinations in Martial Arts star
The sciences and the arts have always had a very strong tie to one another. In this article we explore how Chemistry and Martial Arts are linked through their views of chemical combinations.

Do You Move Your Whole Body in Martial Arts? star
One of the keys to becoming a great Martial Artist is understanding how your body is all connected and to be able to move your whole body with each movement.

Drink Your Way to Better Martial Arts star
Can you drink your way to becoming a better Martial Artist? Maybe. Find out more here.

Ghost Techniques in Martial Arts star
Ghost techniques are one of the most powerful and beautiful applications to learn in Martial Arts. Understand its subtle power and some examples.

Hello… and no I don't do Mixed Martial Arts star
There is more to Martial Arts than just UFC. Read on and let me know if you agree.

How do you learn Martial Arts? star

Hydrate for optimal performance star
Even Martial Artists need to consider hydrating properly when working out. Here are some quick tips to recognizing dehydration and the proper hydrating routine.

Kicks and Martial Arts star
One of the distinguishing characters of Martial Arts from other fighting styles, such as fencing or boxing, is kicks. They are by far not one-dimensional, stick foot forward and hit. Find out more here.

Laws of Motions and Martial Arts star
Martial Arts is more than just a way to punch or kick. You can apply science to the Arts and gain a better understanding of your techniques. In this article, we briefly cover the most basic Laws of Motion from Physics.

Make Martial Arts Part of Your New Year star
It’s not too late to still firm up your New Year’s resolutions and make Martial Arts a part of it all!

Martial Arts Camp Parent Tips star
Good weather often brings about thoughts of Martial Arts camps and the excitement of taking your training in to a new level. Here are some tips to prepare parents for the season.

Martial Arts Training Does Not Make You a Fighter star
Just because you train in Martial Arts, are you automatically a fighter? No. Find out why not.

Martial Arts Training Tip - Wandering Eye star
One of the main mistakes that I often see from new Tai Chi students is what we call in our school the "wandering eye". It´s easy to spot if you´re watching the student perform but one of the harder habits to train out of someone.

Martial Arts Uniforms star
Uniforms are an important part of Martial Arts.

Money Saving Tips for New Martial Arts Students star
For many, school is either about to begin or has already begun. This also normally marks the start of many Martial Arts classes. But are the expenses of classes too daunting? Check out this article for some ideas.

Physics of Energy in Martial Arts star
The Physics of Martial Arts is very much like the Physics of nature. When studying Martial Arts, it is important to understand and utilize potential and kinetic energies correctly.

Protecting against colds while doing Martial Arts star
It never fails. When one person in a Martial Arts school gets a cold or flu, normally more than half of the rest of the school will also pick it up within a week. While you can’t prevent this from happening, there are some precautions you can use with your equipment to minimize it from happening.

Putting Your Heel First in Martial Arts star
Have you ever thought about what part of the foot you use most often? Its probably not the heel. Yet that's exactly what Wing Chun does. Find out how using the heel of your foot might give you the upper advantage in Martial Arts.

Safeguard Against Concussions in Martial Arts star
As with any physical activity, concussion is a real possibility while practicing Martial Arts. Thus, it's important that students take precautionary measures to reduce the risk of a concussion.

Should there be rankings in Martial Arts star
The whole concept of obtaining a belt for your level is something fairly modern in Martial Arts. Is it a positive or negative influence in Martial Arts?

Sticking to your Martial Arts Resolutions star
Are you making a resolution to start-up Martial Arts again? Here are some tips to how to make it stick.

The long and short of a bow stance star
One of the most common stances in Chinese Martial Arts is the bow stance. Come learn a bit more about what a bow stance is in this article.

Timing in Martial Arts star
Working on your timing is critical in Martial Arts. Here are some areas to focus on to perfect your timing.

Using Tension to Improve Your Martial Arts star
A common mistake that students do in Martial Arts is to misuse tension in their practice.

Website Review - Focus101.Net star
Focus101 is a site with a powerful message -- how Martial Arts can help survivors of domestic violence. Find out more about them here.

Why are black belts black? star
Ever wonder why the highest sash or belt in most Martial Arts styles is black? Here are some of the stories I've heard over the years.

Why Practice Martial Arts to a Beat star
Practicing Martial Arts to a beat seems counter-productive to the very nature of Martial Arts -- combat. Yet, you still need to do it and there is much to learn from practicing to a beat.

Why start Martial Arts – A personal journey star
Many people start Martial Arts for many reasons. This is my personal story so you can get to know me as the editor and the backgrounds I come from. There is much for everyone to gain from practicing Martial Arts.

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