Martial Arts
Are Martial Arts styles different? Find out a little about each of them here.

Drunken Style of Martial Arts star
Some of my favorite forms to watch are drunken styles of Martial Arts. They also happen to be one of the hardest to perform properly – mainly because the very premise of the drunken style is to be soft when one is normally hard.

Kendo star

Kenpo star

Krav Maga star

Mixed Martial Arts star
A brief introduction to Mixed Martial Arts and a discussion around some of the controversy surrounding it.

Muay Thai star

San Shou star

Silat star

What is Aikido? star
Aikido derives from Japanese forms of Martial Arts. It has roots in several other Japanese styles, such as Jujitsu and Judo.

What is Bagua? star
Developed from the eight-sided symbol that is used throughout Chinese culture, including most prominently in Feng Shui, BaGua is a powerful Martial Arts focused on healing the body through breathing and movements.

What is Capoeira? star
Like dance and Martial Arts? This might be the style for you. This Brazilian Martial Arts style is a powerful mix of combat, dance, and music.

What is Dim Mak? star
Often referred to as the "death touch" in Martial Arts, this powerful understanding of the body can be used to both hurt and heal.

What is Jeet Kune Do? star
Learn more about the powerful Martial Arts started by the legendary Bruce Lee.

What is Judo? star
Explore the diverse and useful art of Judo

What is Jujitsu? star
A brief introduction to the art of Jujitsu

What is Karate? star
The first article in a series to go through the basics of each Martial Arts style. The journey begins with: Karate.

What is Kung Fu? star
A brief article in our series describing what is Kung Fu. A great introductory article for anyone interested in Martial Arts.

What is Kyudo? star
Kyudo is a Japense form of Martial Arts that focuses on archery.

What is Lutta Corsa? star
Ever heard of it? This Mediterranean-based fighting style was once practiced by the wandering shepherds of Corsica.

What is Okichitaw? star
Okichitaw is a unique Martial Arts system that finds its origins in the aboriginals of Canada.

What is Pankration? star
Find out about this long, lost Ancient Greek form that was part of the original Olympics and a key component to the training in Alexander the Great's armies. With the growing enthusiasm for Martial Arts, it is finding a revival and carries with it a rich and powerful history.

What is Qi Gong? star
Have you heard the term "qi gong" before? Curious what it is? If you haven't, this might be just the type of exercise you're looking for that will benefit your health and life. Find out more in this article.

What is TaeKwonDo? star
Another article in the "What is..." series. This one talks about TaeKwonDo and how it is different from some of the other Martial Arts styles.

What is Tai Chi? star
Come explore the art of Tai Chi, a slow and healthing form of Martial Arts that can be performed by almost anyone.

What is Tang Soo Do? star
Find out more about the Martial Arts style: Tang Soo Do.

Wing Chun star

Wu Shu star

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