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Commonly, each topic on BellaOnline includes a free newsletter. This topic, PDA/eBook Reader, will help inform you on the latest trends and gadgets on the market. Each topic also comes with a FREE weekly newsletter.

In summary, if you would like to be informed by E-mail whenever I post a new article, sign up using the form at the bottom (or right) of this page. No information about you is necessary, other than your E-mail address.

If you'd like further details about the newsletter, please read below.

The Fine Print

About Privacy and BellaOnline.com Newsletters

Every newsletter on BellaOnline shares the following characteristics:
  1. No one has a list of newsletter subscriber names: The subscription lists only contain E-mail addresses, and your E-mail address is kept as private as reasonably possible with modern computer technology.
  2. Your E-mail address will never be sold.
  3. We will never spam you, we will only send newsletters if we deem that there is information you may want to read.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q: Can my Name or E-mail address ever be divulged, even by accident?
A: Yes. Ways your E-mail address might be divulged:
  • If your E-mail system has a problem, and the newsletter is undeliverable, the newsletter will "bounce" back to the newsletter E-mail list maintainer (me). This is necessary so that I can remove your E-mail address from the list if your E-mail account is eventually abandoned, etc. But, even in this case, I will only have seen an E-mail address, not a name.
  • If you create an E-mail in order to reply to a newsletter or forward the newsletter, and the E-mail you send includes your name and/or E-mail address, any recipients of your E-mail will see whatever you have divulged.
Q: How frequently will you E-mail me?
A: The short answer is: 1 or 2 times per week.

The long answer is: I don't want to E-mail you so frequently that you are no longer interested in the newsletter. I also don't want to E-mail you so rarely that you forget who the newsletter is from and think that I'm a spammer. Therefore, my main strategy is to E-mail you when I have posted a new article. I'm supposed to post a new article about once a week, or more frequently. If I am posting more than one article every two days, then I anticipate that I will only send a newsletter about once every two days, maximum.

Q: What will be included in the newsletter?
A: The newsletter will basically include the title and description of my most recent article(s), current news, contest information, forum news and other information relative to PDA/eBook Readers.

Q: Will the newsletter include advertising?
A: The newsletter might include advertising, but it will be minimal, professional, and relevant. You definitely should not receive an advertising blitz.

Q: Can I see a sample newsletter before I subscribe?
A: Yes, I will be including a newsletter archive for you to sample.

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