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Hi, thank you for considering the civil rights newsletter for your reading enjoyment. It's free, easy to sign-up for and comes out weekly.

I’m so excited about being the editor of this newsletter and the companion civil rights site. I plan on offering a strong civil rights foundation and then building on that foundation. I will give a new and refreshing voice to this longtime subject, a responsibility I don’t take lightly.

For instance my Emmet Till article is very poignant to understanding the broader context of what was happening to blacks in the south before, during and to some extent after the Civil Rights Era. Commonly people felt like things weren’t that bad or blacks should have fought back, but this story is a prime example of the terror that was instilled in blacks and the deep seeded lack of moral integrity on behalf of some people in the south. Grown men did this to a child, a child.

I also think civil rights are largely about the constitution and the Declaration of independence. I plan on writing about various issues facing Americans with diverse backgrounds. In addition to worldwide civil rights issues. It’s important that we not only understand our rights, but that we also understand that these are the rights that were denied many. I think the former is often easier to understand than the latter.

It's important that we understand the reasons that we as a country and we as a people have encountered the problems we face today. I hope the generations to come can surpass these issues, but as a historian I know failure to remember the past is a catalyst for repetition of the past.

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