Civil Rights
Learn about the lives and times of the civil rights movement’s greatest heroes and supporters. An amazing collection of ordinary men and women doing extraordinary things!

Civil Rights Hero - Cesar Chavez star
Cesar Chavez refused to let injustice stand unchallenged, and his name became soon known when in 1952 he joined up with the Latin civil rights group named "Community Service Organization."

Civil Rights Hero - Susan Brownell Anthony star
Ms. Anthony was a revolutionary through and through who worried little about public opinion, and who had a single minded focus to right a moral wrong. At the same time, she was a highly controversial personage, who endured being hanged and burned in effigy ...

Civil Rights Heroes – Bayard Rustin star
Bayard Rustin’s accomplishments read like the curriculum vitae of a man committed to a noble cause, and one of his crowning achievements was the collaboration with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Civil Rights Heroes – Jackie Robinson star
When you hear the name Jackie Robinson, what comes to mind? Probably baseball and the number 42. Yet being a pioneer of the civil rights movement held many moments that would make a lesser person want to act out in utter frustration.

Civil Rights Heroes – Jane M. Bolin star
Rarely do we mention the women and men of any race who may not visibly march but instead get up every morning and make a difference in the world by the work they do - like Jane M. Bolin.

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. star
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a crutial part of the American Civil Rights movement, and inspired many to fight for their freedom. Learn about his amazing life and accomplishments.

Graca Simbine Machel Mandela, a humanitarian star
Graça Simbine Machel Mandela is a woman of honor, respect and grace. She is educated, married, loved and esteemed, but she refuses to rest on her success. Read how she literally has it all, but still fights for the rights of her people.

Irene Morgan star
In 1944, Irene Morgan refused to give up her bus seat to a white couple who had boarded. Learn about her influence on American civil rights.

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day – Taking The Day ON! star
January 16th saw many barbeques, sales events, and much general lounging on the sofa. Some folks, however, decided to take the day on.

Nelson Mandela refuses to be bitter star
In the face of severe brutality and oppression the South African people had hope and never stopped fighting for their freedom. Their leaders were imprisoned so the students fought. Barely old enough to know themselves, they knew they wanted freedom. The students became the new leaders. Read to learn

Unsung Civil Rights Hero - Coretta Scott King star
Is it not a fact that behind every great man stands a great woman? This article will feature the life and achievements of one of the many unsung heroes of the civil rights movement: Coretta Scott King, ”the wife of...”

Unsung Civil Rights Hero - Helen Fabela Chavez star
In our last article we took a look at another one of the Civil Rights Movement’s most recognized heroes: Cesar Chavez. Yet, is it not true that behind every great man stands a great woman? This article will shed a little light on the life of one of the many unsung heroes of the civil rights movement

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