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1-Step and 3-Step Drills star
This time, after a period of having to stop bowling, I'm approaching the comeback with a bit more knowledge and taking the time to set myself up with a better execution of my game. Of course, using these techniques don't have to be after a period of non-bowling.

4 Phases of Coaching star
While they are all teaching the same basic fundamentals, the way they go about passing on their knowledge sometimes differs by a lot; yet, they all manage to get their points across. But, isn't that what it's all about?

A Bowling Center Wants You Happy star
The greater majority of bowling centers are not in the business to alienate customers and in fact, will go out of their way, as much as possible, to keep their regular clients satisfied and happy.

A Bowling Muse star
I would like to introduce a person who deserves a lot of credit for giving me ideas for my articles - my brother Myron, who lives in Mesa, and he is one of my bowling muses. He is the epitome of many a bowler who quit within the last twenty-five years and is now coming back to the sport.

A Coach Is Important star
A person can easily believe the illusion that they're okay and that they'll be able to work things out by themselves when they're shooting scores that are keeping their averages high.

A Fun Bowling League star
After watching the women bowl, my words seem to have a hollow ring to them because they were, indeed, having fun; us men really can’t have as much fun as the women do.

A Good Bowling Analysis star
If you keep good records, either written or on video, about your bowling when you're really doing well, then, when your game goes haywire, you'll ask, "Okay, what's good about my game?" (As opposed to, "What went wrong?") Well, why can't that role model be you?

A Summer Sport Shot League star
The league season is winding down and will be completely over within the next five to six weeks or so. If you are an avid bowler you may join one or two (or more) summer leagues because of your love for the sport. I suggest joining a "Sport Shot" league because it will improve your skills.

A Thirst For Knowledge star
In everything we do, the only way to get better is to keep that "thirst for knowledge" active and ongoing. There are no if's, and's, or but's about it.

Adversity? - So What? star
Reason To Succeed - you are able to change your perception of what is "tough." You accept that you are always going to face problems and you develop a strong will to accomplish your goal of bowling higher scores and you do well.

Analyzing The Lane In Four Shots star
So how can I ignore it when he asks me to write an article about lining up quickly before league starts. Well, Perry, here's the "Choc-List" for lining up during league practice: (This technique is from the USBC Bronze Coaching Certification Seminar.)

Are You Ready? star
There were many, many more of you who took the summer off and did not lift a bowling ball, or further, did not step inside a bowling center at all.

Are You Whining or Bowling? star
She said, "What is he whining about? You know, Choc, nobody ever lives long enough to cry and whine about a simple game." I could only nod my head and agree with her. Life is too short for us to spend it feeling frustrated and stressed out because we shot a low game or low series.

Baloney Explosions & Bowling star
In the sport of bowling, there are many variables that affect our score. These include such things as, but are not limited to, the weather, type of ball, weight of the ball, and oil patterns. Do I have to mention our individual attitudes, health, and frame of mind?

Basic Bowling Equipment Specs star
You may be a casual, once-in-a-while bowler or you may be the certified league bowler, but the USBC is responsible for the equipment you are allowed to use in bowling. Let's go over some of the basics of equipment specifications for the sport of bowling.

Being In The Zone star
Trying to recapture the time that you were in "The Zone" is a futile effort. You can't practice being in "The Zone." You can only hone your style of bowling so that those times occur more often than the next person.

Better Bowling Students star
My good friend, Larry, contributes this week's article about getting back to becoming better students and not try to get quick fixes for our bowling game.

Bowl Better By Doing Nothing star
Those days are long gone and as far as being a good bowler is concerned, they should be forgotten as techniques for the sport.

Bowling And The Holiday Soup star
Some people think that there's nothing more they can do to improve their bowling game. But, you know, I firmly believe that everyone can do something with their game to improve it, regardless of how small the improvement is.

Bowling Coaches Need To Keep Studying star
The sport of bowling continues to change, literally, on a day-to-day basis and it behooves all us coaches to keep abreast of as many changes as we can.

Bowling Deserves Respect star
Bowling has arguably become the largest participation sport in the world. However, when people talk about sports, you're more likely to hear about football, baseball, basketball, hockey, or soccer.

Bowling Dreamers star
They’re dreamers, not imbeciles. People should leave dreamers alone and encourage them with positive-talk rather than the usual limiting or negative-talk.

Bowling Equipment Has Changed a Lot star
In reality, the sport of bowling has not changed at all. The basics and fundamentals of the game remain the same as 50 years (or more) ago and will continue far into the future. It is the equipment that has changed.

Bowling Finesse or Bowling Power? star
After doing a bit of my own "brainstorming," I've settled on the following three areas to focus on when I can get back to throwing my ball again in the next few days: 1) Timing and rhythm, 2) Target accuracy, and 3) Visualization and mindset.

Bowling Future and the Female Bowler star
Bowling is growing in popularity after a 20 year decline in participation and is poised for even greater growth because of the female bowler.

Bowling Is A Sport - Why Argue For It? star
While I would be very happy to see bowling treated with more respect in my lifetime, I would like to believe it will occur sometime in the future when its popularity rises to the point of further worldwide recognition.

Bowling League Organization and Rules star
Competition Confusion? Yeah, you know, the certification fee, how to line up for practice, bowling on two lanes, how to determine who wins, and so forth.

Bowling Newsletter and Forum star
Today is May 7, 2007. I have just completed my graduation checklist and it is being reviewed by my trainers and mentors for completeness.

Bowling Oddities star
Odd things happen in bowling and I'm sure many of you have witnessed more of the same.

Bowling On Modified Patterns star
While I didn't consciously plan for it to occur this way, I believe this'll have a positive effect on my game moving forward. Here's a "Choc-List" of what I'm learning about my bowling on modified lane conditions:

Bowling Slumps star
These are by no means the only things that could have caused your slump; but, I hope it does give you a start in beginning to understand your overall situation.

Budgeting Advice For Bowlers star
I work full-time as a credit counselor and these "happenings," prompted me to deviate from my bowling-only articles, at least this one time. I am, after all, a full-time credit counselor on top of being an avid bowling enthusiast. I would like to impart some general advice about "budgeting."

Can You Be A Professional Bowler? star
Can you become a professional bowler? Do you have what it takes to survive on the Professional Bowler's Tour (PBA)? Are you able to maintain the level of talent, skill, knowledge, and mindset necessary to be called, "winner," on the PBA.

Changes In Bowling Lanes star
"The only thing that doesn't change is 'change'?" People are always complaining about "change." Changes occur in our lives daily, even hourly, it seems. And guess what? We deal with them the best that we can. What choice do we have?

Choosing Your Team star
What happened? They tried to spell the word as, "I-T-I-E-I-A-I-M-I." Too many individuals dominating and breaking up the team. It just doesn't work. This is one case where the "I's" don't have it.

Coaches Are A Necessity star
His comment, however, stuck with me because it's not true. I don't know of any trained coach who would treat all of their students in exactly the same way.

Coming Back To Bowling star
In summary, he is stuck in the '70's and believes that his old knowledge and approach to the game will be enough to get him through. In summary, he is very wrong.

Different Kinds Of Tournaments star
They have become more of a social event for people to get together and compete in a comfortable atmosphere. It's a great way to meet new people and make friends. There are other events with different formats that will be just as much fun if they are offered at your favorite bowling place.

Don't Analyze Yourself star
Don’t make any judgments about your overall game without fully understanding your overall game. It takes many years of practice and experience before you’re able to do any self-evaluation of your own game; and even that analysis should be suspect.

Dry Lane Conditions star
I overheard some of the higher average bowlers talking about the dry lane conditions the other night (talk? actually, they were complaining and whining). My reaction was, "hey, if you guys think of yourselves as such good bowlers, why can't you adjust?"

Effect - Cause - Solution star
"Education" in bowling is truly understanding the cause of your bad ball reaction on the lane. You have to know the effect and then the cause before you can effectively find a solution. Most bowlers don't honestly know the answer.

Enjoy Your Bowling star
Whether you're a social, recreational, or competitive bowler, follow my "Choc-List" and you can learn to be happy with your game of bowling.

First Bowling League - Any Equipment Suggestions? star
I don't want to get too serious, but I'm going to try it out next winter season. I don't have my own stuff so do you have any recommendations for my first season?

Fun Leagues Are Challenging star
I believe people should look at bowling in leagues not with self-serving thoughts; but, from the challenges that bowling in a fun league will give you. Let's face it many of them are there for the social aspects and are not as serious as you are. So what are some of the challenges, you ask?

Games Within A Game star
During league play, you will see many teams compete within themselves by playing a version of poker. For every strike or spare, cards are drawn from a central deck and at the end of the game, the best poker hand wins.

Geometry To Aid Your Bowling star
That really bolsters my own theory that, "two spots and a straight swing make for a straight line," when I'm bowling. As long as I stand on the right board, then, and look at the correct mark, I will throw a straight line to a given break point.

Get Your Equipment Ready star
Anyway, it is time to get your equipment ready for the new winter season. Even if you've bowled regularly during the past summer or not (more critical if you haven't bowled at all)

Goal Setting star
Okay, let's say that you're a 130 average bowler and want to raise your average by twenty or more pins to get at least to the 150's. Doing a self-analysis of your situation, you can see that if you make three to four more spares a game, you will achieve that objective.

Good Old Days Of Bowling star
I like to imagine a group of long-time bowlers sitting around in a 1960's bowling center talking about the "good old days" when bowlers had to be more hardy and robust to compete in the sport.

Happy New Year 2012 star
To tell you the truth, the only resolution I've ever kept is the one I made a while back when I said that I'd never make New Year's Resolutions again. It's been easy to keep that one and so I enter every New Year with less stress.

Hints For Adjusting To Conditions star
"The only thing that doesn't change is change." Well, in the modern sport of bowling, you have to take that to heart because whenever you bowl, the lane conditions will change every time you throw the ball.

How Many Changes Make Your Bowling Better? star
My close friend, Larry, and I are continuously looking for ways to improve our bowling. We enjoy the ride we're taking, and we invite anyone to come join us.

I Am A Bowling Fanatic star
I love this sport. Some people have called me a "fanatic." I accept that. I live bowling, I breathe bowling, I dream bowling.

I'ts All In Fun star
One of the best lessons I've learned over the years is, "never take yourself too seriously." This is why I always try to joke and kid around when I'm bowling. Of course, there are some who will not loosen up; but, for the most part, I find that most people will respond positively.

If Things Go Wrong When Bowling star
One of the things I advise people to do is to imagine everything that could go wrong when they are bowling in competition and write them down on a list. Then, over the course of several practice sessions, pretend that each of those "things-that-could-go-wrong," actually did.

Is Bowling A Sport? star
There are as many opinions about whether bowling is a sport as there are people interested in it. There will be no end to the theorizing about whether it should be called the "sport of bowling."

Is Changing Your Style Good? star
My friend, Larry, studies the game of bowling and is a very observant person. I welcome his thoughts and insight and they make for excellent points of discussion any time we get together. Between frames, our discussions have triggered good changes that have helped with improvements to my game.

Is It Me Or The Lane? star
There are many aspects to a person's performance in this game of bowling. Part of the :process," both from a newcomer and veteran standpoint, is to get a good coach to help you refine your game.

Jargon For Beginners star
We bowlers toss around terms that have become second-nature to us; but, which may not register with beginners. It's like talking ERA's, RBI's, and Batting Averages to someone who is not into baseball.

Keep It Simple star
So your interest in the sport of bowling is now beyond the once-in-a-while, recreational past-time and you're ready to take your game to the next level.

Larry And The Yellow Brick Road star
"You may think that your journey of becoming a 'better bowler' has only taught you to be a 'better bowler,' but think again. Understand that the 'Process' also teaches you about life. Continue down the Yellow Brick Road and continue the 'Process' and continue learning."

Laughter Relieves Pressure star
Wherever you are with a group of people, there are characters who will do "crazy" things to break up the tense situations. You often end up laughing hysterically because the moment suddenly turns humorous.

Learn How To Bowl Again star
And by the way, go to the coach with an open mind because you have to acknowledge that the sport of bowling has changed and some new approaches to bowling better are now being taught.

Les Casady - 99 Year Old Bowler star
The highest average Les has ever carried was 195 and he threw his 300 game in Wichita, Kansas sometime in the 1970's. He doesn't remember his highest series because he, "doesn't keep track of those things." His ball was made of rubber and had two holes - a thumb hole and one for the middle finger

Let Your Inury Fully Heal star
I have been injured four times and followed the doctor’s orders by taking the cautious approach each time, making sure I was completely healed before coming back to the sport.

Make Sure You Check The Approaches star
Some sticking accident injuries I have personally seen are broken ankle, broken arm, broken rib, and numerous bruises on various parts of the body. When a bowler falls on the lane, there is no predicting what part will hit first.

Messy Lane Conditions? ADJUST! star
For league bowlers, this can translate into many more pins each night and a higher average at the end of the season. For tournament players this translates into the possibility of getting higher in the standings and, of course, more wins and/or cash.

Mixed Weight Pins Cause Taps star
Does my opponent have an advantage if his ball diameter is at the maximum while mine is at the minimum? Can four ounces, in fact, make a difference if the pins on the lane vary by that much? Will my chances for an 8-10 split increase if the pins are off-spot by one-sixteenth of an inch?

More About Bowling Safety star
Really, though, the best way to prevent injuries of any kind is to pay attention to what's going on around you. Attention to detail is the key for everyone; and if those around you won't, then you should.

More About League Bowling star
This is the second part of the original article (Bowling League Organization and Rules, May 8, 2010). That article covered league certification, lanes and competition format, practice session, and league organization. This one will discuss average and handicap computation, wins/losses, and prizes.

My 36th USBC Nationals star
Here’s my take. For us Rev challenged players, we were able to use aggressive equipment for all games. Still had lots of oil rings even in the last game of Singles. Stay away from “flippy” layouts as the arcing stuff seemed to more controllable and still carried well.

My Articles Geared Toward Men? star
"Why don't your articles give more advice for the ladies rather than leaning towards the men like they are now?"

My Funny Quotes For Bowling star
Well, they weren't corny enough for me so I had to make up some of my own so that I'd get the bowlers listening and groaning. More importantly, once they caught on that I was making some kind of a bad joke, they listened to the other general announcements that I was making.

My Journey Back After 30 Years star
I will give you some ideas of my own since you are always looking for things to write about in your bowling column. I will give you my take on my 5-year bowling journey to "get good ".

No Time For Excuses star
I really got caught up in it. Was it over-confidence? Arrogance? Fear (of bowling bad)? No trust in myself? Perhaps it was a little bit of everything.

Oil Patterns star
Today's bowler must learn about bowling oil patterns if they want to increase their level of competitiveness.

Old Rules Never Die star
The greater majority of you will know that the foul line extends up the walls of the bowling center on both sides of the house, in line with the actual black line marked on the lanes. Therefore, it was a foul.

Organize Yourself star
I do this because many of us start out as recreational bowlers and, by the time we're entering leagues and tournaments, our mindset is such that we think we can continue to advance ourselves by doing the same thing we've always been doing - that is, "on our own."

Our Tournament Team Is Down star
We're getting killed when we go to bowling tournaments. For the past year or so, we've settled into a set four-man team which is basically our Friday night's league roster. Up until last year, we were cashing and at least making our entry fees back

Patience star
We have developed into a society that believes that anything can be accomplished overnight and we don't have to wait for any solutions. Instant everything. I have come to realize that one of my tasks as a coach is to teach people patience.

Personal Bowling Safety star
When you start thinking about safety and list some of the areas and things that could cause us personal injury, you begin to realize just how vulnerable we are when we're bowling

Play The Current Conditions star
How many times have people come to you and said things like, "I practiced here last week and shot 250;" "During the practice, I was throwing nothing but strikes;" or "The last time I bowled here, I really scored well." Actually, how may times have you felt that way?

Practice More, Average More star
The more times you're able to get on the lanes for practice sessions, however, the higher your average will be and the more times you will be on the alley bowling strikes.

Quiet Confidence In Bowling star
Larry's contributed his thoughts before and I've gotten good feedback in the past from his take on our sport. Here's more great reflections about the game he obviously loves.

Reading Oil Pattern Graphs star
This is not an exact science - is there anything in our sport that is?; but, it does give us a starting point of where we can begin playing the lanes, what ball to start with, and how soon should we start adjusting.

Records Not To Shoot For star
Unless you are on the way to shooting a score of zero, or are rolling nothing but gutter balls, you won't be close to setting any dubious record(s).

Red, White, and Blue Oil Patterns star
Three women bowlers asked me in the past two weeks if I knew anything about the "Red," "White," and "Blue" (RWB) oil patterns. Apparently, the next tournament they are entering has announced they will be using one of the "new" patterns and they had never heard of them before

Some Common Bowling Mistakes star
"Rule #1 - Get a bowling coach, Rule #2 - After analyzing the common problem areas that bowlers have, refer to Rule #1." Here's some of the many tendencies I've seen over the years that prevent bowlers from getting better. Let's cover some common problem areas that are working against them

Step By Step Is Best star
We have to be sure we're performing the basics in the correct manner and then (and only then) can we move on to the next step. You see, part of the overall "Process" is to get the basics right, because if we don't, then we will be processing in the wrong way.

Surviving In The High-Tech Bowling Game star
Not everybody is looking to be a high-average, an elite, or pro bowler. Can they survive in the modern, high-tech bowling world?

Team Lineups star
One of the theories I learned back from my junior bowling days was how to set the most powerful lineup using the bowlers you have. Like any sports team, the head coach will study his pool of available talent and line them "just-so" in an attempt to optimize the scoring production.

The Formula star
There is no formula that will make you succeed in the sport of bowling. There is no formula that guarantees you will become a high average bowler. But, there is proof that if you concentrate on your "can-do" attitude, you will succeed in getting better.

The Foul Line Correction star
Here's the gist of it: as the ball is released, the bowler senses that something doesn't feel right and makes an unconscious, automatic correction of his/her release to set the ball on the lane in the proper strike line

The Great Marion Ladewig star
From 1941, when she won her first amateur tournament, until 1964, when she retired from active competition, she dominated the female bowling world. She was also a terrific ambassador for the sport of bowling as she traveled all around the world doing her promotional bowling exhibitions.

The Lanes Are Different star
The reasoning(s) stemmed from "conspiracy theories" to changing oil patterns to oiling machines being out of adjustment to the lanes getting worse and worse every year.

The P League In Japan star
About two to three years ago, I was doing research for my writings and stumbled across YouTube videos of a Japanese bowling program called the "P League."

The PBA Oil Patterns star
This article will do a quick review of the five PBA oil patterns. Even if you never bowl on them, at least you'll know their names.

The USBC Nationals star
I did have a game plan but didn't execute well averaging 186 for the nine games. Like thousands of bowlers, if we get to bowl on those conditions often enough, we would average what we normally do at our home houses.

Thoughts And Sayings About Bowling star
A "Choc-List" of thoughts and sayings about our great sport of bowling.

Todd Shipman My PBA Story 1 star
I really liked my path; even though there have been many challenges, I'll keep that path. There are so many people out there willing to help you. I say, 'JUST DO IT, try it out.'"

Todd Shipman My PBA Story 2 star
I've had a wonderful time and great memories that started in the 1970’s in Florida Junior Bowling, to Iceland in 1983 with a used ball and a 165 average, and my years as a touring pro.

Tools For Bowling Adjustments star
By calculating targets and strike lines for the three breakpoint zones, I'll have some alternatives to move to as the night progresses. This will increase my arsenal of "things to try" as the lanes breakdown and the oil depletes as the night progresses.

Walking and Bowling star
Something I incorporated into my daily walks has begun to help me with my bowling game and I am really looking forward to the next full season.

We Coach Bowling For Less star
Is there a range of coaches who'll be willing to teach bowlers how to improve their game without charging "too high" a price for the lessons? There is, because I'm willing to do that. I have to believe, therefore, that there are others who think like me out there.

What Do I Do Between Frames? star
Perry asked me this morning, "Aside from 'posting,' what else are you doing to bowl so well all the time?" Thanks, Perry, for providing the seed for today's article.

What Is Lane Oil? star
I actually started to write an article about bowling lane oil many months ago; but, I was looking for a solid definition and description. Guess what? I didn't find one. Believe me when I say that I tried. No definitive answers, I'm afraid.

You Really Are An Athlete star
With the advent and acceptance of bowling as a high school and collegiate sport, numerous studies have concluded that exercise routines are an important part of the training program for the bowling athlete.

Your Dominant Eye star
Knowing your dominant eye may help you understand that in order to hit the 10 board, you, personally, have to actually aim for the 8 board. Do you know if your accuracy is being affected by this "dominant eye?"

Your Own Worst Enemy star
This article's "Choc-List" keys in on some suggestions for getting out of your own way because more often than not, you may be your own worst enemy. "We have met the enemy and they is us." -Pogo-

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