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A New USBC Spec star
The current spate of high-tech balls are manufactured with very porous materials which allows them to "cut" through lane oil. "Ra" and "RS" are going to play an important part in returning skill, ability, and talent back into bowling.

A Spare Ball Is Advisable star
Is your average below 180? Is your goal to raise your average by 10 to 15 pins? Then the easiest solution is to get yourself a dedicated spare ball and practice so that you are able to pick up at least two more spares per game.

About Bowling Pro Shops star
Too many bowling pro shops nowadays have ball drillers who think they can get away with drilling to their opinionated specifications rather than to their customer's.

Axis Titlt And Axis Rotation star
There are two critical aspects of a bowling ball's reaction to the lanes that today's bowlers must master. They are concerned with the manner in which the ball moves down the lane

Ball Cleaning Hints star
The cover stock on your bowling ball is the most critical factor in ball reaction for modern-day bowling techniques. This is the reason I advocate that you must keep the surface of your bowling ball as clean as possible.

Better Control Of My Bowling Ball star
I'm going to develop my theory and try to find a combination that will merge the latest technology with an easier tactic to control my ball and simplify my game.

Bowling Ball Balance star
Moving on from the different ball types, this article covers aspects that affect the balance of a ball, therefore influencing how it will roll down the lane.

Bowling Ball Basic Dimensions star
It's a matter of competency - any good ball driller will take the time to explain the bowling ball in depth for you. A little knowledge will go a long way when you go to the pro shop to have work done on it. If they can't explain, how can you expect them to be able to drill your ball well?

Bowling Ball Motion star
These three phases of bowling ball motion are the foundation for the USBC, bowling ball manufacturers, and other organizations involved with the technical analysis and study of bowling balls.

Bowling Ball Pins star
When the bowling ball is manufactured, the core of the ball has to be suspended in a mold so the cover stock material can be poured around it. A small rod is used for that purpose and when that rod is removed, a small whole is left, which is then filled in with colored plug material.

Bowling Ball Static Weights star
One of the first subjects for any of my students is basic bowling ball knowledge and, in particular, "static weights." It is important because bowlers need to understand why their ball doesn't hook, or react, as much as they think it should.

Bowling Ball Upkeep star
What with finger inserts, reactive resin surfaces, synthetic surfaces, and so forth and so on, the upkeep and periodic maintenance schedules for each "new-fangled" piece of technology advancement can be difficult to keep up with.

Bowling Is Alway Practice star
Our life and times in the sport of bowling is made up completely of experimentation. As doctors and lawyers "practice" their profession, so do we bowlers "practice" continuously trying to improve our scores and overall game.

Definitions of Bowling Ball Terms star
I have included some of the most commonly asked about terms used in the modern game of bowling, not all.

I Don't Understand My Bowling Ball! star
It used to be "so simple" in the 1960's. There were four manufacturers of rubber bowling balls, you threw a full roller or semi-roller, and depending on the top weight and where it was in the ball, your finger holes were drilled up or down from, and left or right of, that top weight indicator.

Oil In Your Bowling Ball star
The question was, "Why don't we wipe the oil off the ball AFTER every time we throw rather than letting it soak into the ball?"

Positive Axis Point star
They would bring him a drawing that showed how the other person's ball was drilled. The drawing showed the finger and thumb layout in relation to the pin. He told me that in modern day bowling, your ball should be laid out and drilled relative to your PAP because every person has a different one.

Proper Equipment Matters star
Just getting your arsenal drilled and weighted properly for your style will go a long way to improving your average(s). Nowadays, it is not just a matter of punching three holes into the ball. Find a ball driller you can trust and get those balls fitted properly.

Realigning My Ball Arsenal star
Do an in-depth review of your style and what you want to accomplish, study bowling ball specifications, and find a good pro shop that you can trust.

Selecting Your First Bowling Ball star
I see too many people rushing out to get the newest high tech ball because they think it will improve their scores. I also see far too many beginners buying a ball that is way beyond their style of bowling.

Simple Explanation About Coverstocks star
"Give me the simplest explanation that you can about the different types of 'coverstocks' available in the modern game of bowling."

The Bowling Ball Pitch star
You shouldn't have to be bowling with a ball that hurts your hand. With so many combinations available to him or her, a sharp pro shop professional can, and should be able to, drill a ball that will be both comfortable and practical for you to throw.

The End of The Bowling Ball Matter star
In two previous articles, we covered ball and bowler types, cores, locator pins, and positive axis points. This final article in the series will discuss the track, flare, center of gravity, and mass bias of a bowling ball.

Variety In Bowling Balls star
As you get ready to add to your arsenal, keep in mind that you need a variety of ball types to expand your ability under differing lane conditions. Going with all aggressive cover stocks, all dull finishes, or all the same weight blocks would not be the correct choice of options.

Why No Bowling Ball Articles? star
There are so many balls that overlap in technicality, variations, and specifications that it is a formidable task to try to state exactly which ball is better than the other

Your Bowling Ball Arsenal star
People are still amazed when someone enters the bowling center with as many as eight bowling balls. They get even more amazed when, in answer to the question, "How many bowling balls do you have?" my answer is, "three; but I'd like to have more, if I could afford them."

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