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Always Strive For Excellence star
All coaches will always advocate keeping a positive mental attitude when you're bowling whether you're practicing or in competition . I'd like to add another thought to that by urging you to commit yourself to striving for excellence in all aspects of your bowling game.

Are You Coachable? star
What makes the difference between a high-average bowler and one who doesn't get past the mid-range of averages? I bowl with a wide variety of bowlers and I have noticed that the higher average folks tend to share some common attributes

Are You Scoring Or Bowling? star
We have come to realize that our score is not as important as having the feeling that we're doing well. We're executing the basic fundamentals properly and we feel comfortable rolling the ball down the lane. "Bowling" seems effortless and we can do it all day and night without getting tired out.

Be Confident With Your Spares star
The legs of the stork are long, the legs of the duck are short; you cannot make the legs of the stork short, neither can you make the legs of the duck long. Why worry?-- Chwang Tsze.

Bowl Your Own Game star
You don't have to be self-conscious about your ability to bowl because, as you can see, you are throwing the ball down the lane and the sky hasn't fallen.

Bowl Your Own Game star
Remember this -- If we could throw a strike every time we bowled, then it would probably be called, "Striking," instead of "Bowling."

Checklist For Focusing star
Regardless of where you are with your bowling today, realize that we live in a very negative world. If you take a look around and start listening to what people are saying, you'll be surprised at how much negativity there is being fed to you on a constant basis.

Closed Minded Bowler star
A closed mind can, and will, keep you in only one place - where you are right now. It'll keep you where you've always been, and moreover, it'll prevent you from moving forward in your bowling goals.

Dare To Dream star
A good friend of mine sent me an article describing his bowling career. I asked hi permission to republish it here as a good tip for all ages of aspiring bowler. Larry's words resonated with me because I feel the same way. Thanks, Larry for sharing your dreams with us!

Dealing With Stress star
Understand that it will happen to you and therefore, you have to learn what your personal responses are to certain stresses and pressures. This is not so you can stop it; but, you want to be aware of it and intervene as best as you can to minimize their effects.

Dealing With Stress While Bowling star
Everyone has to deal with stress; it's the one's who can control them better within themselves that get the best results.

Developing Your PreShot Routine star
Bar none, every top professional has a certain procedure that they follow, step-by-step, prior to executing their shot or entering the game.

Don't Argue For Your Limitations star
I'd venture to say, also, that if a bowler does not think positively, he or she will have a very difficult time making it to the "elite" bowler status.

Don't Be A Perfectionist star
Most people have higher standards and expectations for their personal actions. They may forgive others for doing something unsuccessfully; but they'll keep thinking about the same error over and over again if they personally did it.

Don't Just Wish To Be Better star
The overall question becomes, “What is your why? Why do want to become good in the sport of bowling? Are you willing to do “what is necessary” to get the level that you will feel satisfied at? Be persistent, don’t give up, and you can.

Exercise Diet Sleep Relaxation star
Each of us have our own goals with regards to our bowling; but, they're going to fall in four basic classifications

Focus and Concetration star
It is something I keep telling my students - "Keep practicing, work on your plan, and at some point everything will come together and you will shoot a terrific score."

For The Working Bowler star
Regardless of your daily stresses and pressures, once you step into the bowling center, use my “Choc-List” to calm yourself down so that you’ll relax and bowl better.

Goal-Setting Basics star
I read somewhere that people who set goals lead a better life style because they have a better sense of where their lives are headed. It does make sense.

Goal-Setting Introduction star
Do you believe in writing your goals down and setting out step-by-step plans for how to achieve them?

How To Determine Your Bowling Goals star
We also know that if a bowler's mindset is not fitted properly to the tasks at hand, re-drilling that mindest is the best (and only) solution for improving their game.

I Have To Re-focus star
For the past couple of weeks, regardless of what I do or try, I cannot keep my mind on my bowling. This even includes my practice sessions and attempting to get help from my bowling coach.

Improving Your Skills star
Your system, procedure, and methodology are such that you seem "automatic" in your execution of the game. You perform well. You know when you need help and assistance. You don't just sit back and talk about things, you take action and do something about them.

Instinctive Bowling star
Many bowlers will get an intuitive thought while they are bowling; but, they will quickly disregard it. Even though they are bowling badly, they somehow feel that if they make a change, they will bowl even worse and get below their current average.

It Is A Sparrow star
It showed an older gentleman sitting on a bench with an adult, younger male reading a newspaper next to him. A bird lands on a branch of a nearby tree and the old man says, "What is that?" "It is a sparrow," the younger man answers.

Keep Your Mind Clear star
While I did not win the tournament, I ended up in second place under some very tough conditions. I credit my mental attitude for helping me get as far as I did because I never really got lined up at anytime and my three bowling balls really only performed so-so throughout the day.

Keeping Tournament Performance Simple star
I bowled lousy. What else can be said? I really thought I was going to do well. In the tournament today, I only had 5 open frames, two of them big splits, but came out shooting 1181 for the six games.

Learning From Kelly Kulick's Mental Attitude star
I hope that many of you did not miss one of the most important aspects of that occasion and that was the talk of Kelly's "Mental Game."

Muscle Memory In Bowling star
I'm sure you've heard the term, "muscle memory." In the sport of bowling, it's an important factor because not only will your performance be better but, you'll have done your good scoring "without having to think," literally.

One Frame, One Ball star
"Treat every frame as though it were an individual game. You only have control over the frame you are currently in. The last frame is gone and you cannot do anything about it, the next frame is something you cannot control until you get there."

Paying Attention and Concentrating star
What really makes a bowler perform better? Is it natural ability? Is it luck? Is it pure skill? I believe we can all agree that some of those attributes can play into the picture; yet, they do not account for consistently high levels of performance.

Positive Affirmations star
In order for you to perform well, you must keep positive thoughts in your mind at all times. Have you ever seen an athlete win a competition by constantly being down on themselves?

Positive Affirmations For Bowling star
Developing your will-power through strong positive affirmations helps you to develop your inner self and grows your ability to make your own, best decisions by taking responsibility for your actions and decisions. Your future will “suddenly” become more optimistic as you foster your self-confidence

Positive Thinking and Mental Imagery star
A successful bowler has a firm grasp of their game by thinking positively and using mental imagery to create the results they want. They don't have time to worry about a single bad shot or a "bad break." They have a great game that needs to be completed and can't "sweat the small stuff."

Revisiting Your PSR star
It was mentioned to me this past week that the article was vague and did not really give any details about how to go about "developing your pre-shot routine." Naturally, I went back and read the article and I have to admit that it was very vague.

Self Talk For Concentrating star
I like to think of myself as a positive-thinking person; but, darn if there haven't been many times where I have talked myself into doing poorly when I've bowled. What makes us do it?

Self-Esteem, Self-Respect, Self-Confidence star
Building your self-esteem, self-respect, and self-confidence is not easy because it is a process of over-coming many bad habits that many of us have built up over our lifetimes.

Self-Sabotage star
How is it possible that a bowler of his caliber could have lost focus like that? I'm sure you'll agree with me that it can happen to anyone at any time, under any circumstances. We are all human and we may all fall into the trap known as "self-sabotage." We do it to ourselves.

Short Bursts Of Concentration star
A key factor in your bowling game will be your ability to concentrate and keep your mind from wandering "all over the place." Our current world is one of "multi-tasking" and "information overload.."

Subtle Limitations star
He contends that people are not aiming high enough when they tell him things in reference to their “average.”

Success In Bowling star
What is success? Is it being a high average bowler? Is it being a great junior bowling coach? Is it being a PBA member and appearing on television? Me, I define success as being looked up to and respected at the level of life you are at; but, having a dream that aspires to more.

Taking Action Yields Results star
"For whatever level you're at in your bowling, realize the potential for where you can be, take action, get the better results, and build your belief that you can (and will) be a better bowler. At some point, you'll be moving between "Action" and "Results" automatically."

The MarianasTrench star
We've all been there. Won't be the first time, won't be the last. Keep plugging away and make the best of things. Do not ever give up on your game. Things will always get better.

The Process star
I used to always think I was the "hard luck guy" (HLG). You know, the guy who asks, "Why me," when I leave the solid 10-pin, the 7-pin, stone-8 or 9, or a 4 - 9 in the pocket in crucial situations; I'm sure you know who I'm talking about, yeah, that HLG - me, me, and always me.

Visualization star
Visualization should be a part of every bowler's game in order to develop their competitiveness and raise their average.

What Is The Measure? star
"What is the measure?" We, each of us, decide what the "measure" really is. Ultimately, it is within each of us to decide what, where, or how far we want to take our game of bowling.

Working On Your Mental GAme star
Are you practicing regularly but are still having trouble improving your bowling scores and average? Have you sought out a bowling coach but feel it's not worth it because you're still not getting any better? Don't be your own worst enemy.

Your Bowling Becomes More Mental star
Admit it, you can't bowl super all the time, and neither can you bowl bad all the time. But, I'd venture to say that you can bowl good all the time.

Your Bowling Self-Esteem star
Once you have your self-esteem on a firm footing, you'll see that you will have a strong mental game and will be an "optimist" rather than a "pessimist."

Your Limiting Beliefs star
We are truly living in a world where it is almost impossible to get away from negative-speak unless we become hermits. If you were to concentrate on listening for these negative sounding comments over the next few days, you will see what I mean.

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