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A Protein Could Treat Alzheimer’s star
Based on animal studies, BDNF treatment could provide long-lasting protection by slowing, or stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

A Combination of Vitamins Proves Effective in Alzheimer´s Prevention star
Two drugs are better than one for treating the middle stage of Alzheimer’s. This week’s Journal of the American Medical Association published the important study - the first to combine two drugs that are FDA approved for treatment of AD.

A Needle-Free Vaccine Looks Promising In Alzheimer’s star
This study is the first to demonstrate that a skin patch which is noninvasive could provide a new therapeutic approach for Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s - The Therapeutic Benefits of Writing Memoirs star
If Alzheimer’s erases memory, then the patient must compensate for this memory loss. Writing things down relieves the burden of recall! Look at all the positive goals memoir writing will accomplish.

Alzheimer’s and the Holidays star
During the holiday season Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers often feel a little sadder and more stressed. However, it doesn´t have to be this way! Here are some suggestions.

Alzheimer’s Can Shorten the Life of the Caregiver star
There is an even more insidious toll on the caregiver which is an erosion of personal health and a shorter lifespan!

Alzheimer’s Disease - A Progress Report star
Alzheimer’s Disease is influenced by many factors. Researchers throughout the globe are working feverishly on trying to understand and cure this dreaded disease. The following are the latest findings:

Alzheimer’s Patients and Caregivers Can Exercise to Better Health and Happiness star
Physical exercise helps to prevent or slow down physical and mental deterioration. The latest research demonstrates that Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers benefit by a routine fitness program. Here are some basic concepts for creating an exercise program for Silver Sneakers.

Alzheimer’s Treatment with Dimebon star
Some surprising news is on the horizon, from an antihistamine which originated in Russia in the 1980’s, Dimebon.

Alzheimer’s Treatments Take a New Detour star
No drug or combination of drugs has cured this disease. However, new studies are using different approaches which mean new possibilities for stopping the progression of Alzheimer’s even reversing some of the damage.

Am I Getting Proper Treatment for Alzheimer’s? star
Why did my doctor prescribe Reminyl instead of Aricept? And how did my doctor even diagnose my forgetfulness as Alzheimer’s without testing me?

Antibodies - Promising Treatment for Alzheimer’s star
An existing treatment for immune disorders has truly slowed down memory decline in Alzheimer´s patients and in some cases actually improved memory!

Are Plaques Protective for Alzheimer's? star
Until now Alzheimer’s drugs have been targeting plaques. Could plaques actually be protective and might Alzheimer’s drugs be attacking the wrong enemy?

Could Physical Fitness Treat Alzheimer’s? star
The brains of Alzheimer’s patients in the early stages are larger in those who are physically fit than those who do not exercise!

Exelon Offers Some Hope for Slowing Down the Progression of Alzheimer’s star
The new class of drugs Aricept, Exelon, and Reminyl were shown in a study to slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease in the early to moderate stages for some patients.

How a Biceps Curl Helped an Alzheimer’s Patient star
In the hope of preventing or at least postponing Alzheimer’s people are urged to exercise. Yet it is worthwhile to consider the brain quality for those currently afflicted with Alzheimer’s who exercise. A trainer shares her experiences with an 88-year old patient.

How to Alleviate Depression in Alzheimer’s Patients star
People with Alzheimer’s are likely to experience depression. However, depression can be managed and alleviated and once that happens not only does mood improve, but so does function.

How to Live Better with Alzheimer’s star
Alzheimer’s patients do better with exercise.

How to Maximize Your Moments star
Don’t feel embarrassed or stressed when you can’t recall information or have difficulty learning how to operate new technology. Here are some tips to coexist with cognitive impairment.

How to Reverse Brain Shrinkage in Alzheimer's star
Treating symptoms, reliable early diagnosis, addressing disease triggers and reversing poor cognition are the exciting directions of research in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Is Surgery Linked to Cognitive Decline? star
There have been contradictory reports that undergoing surgery reduces cognitive function in Alzheimer’s patients.

Living in the Moment with Alzheimer’s star
Alzheimer’s is a disease about letting go of resentment and anger. You get a fresh start every moment. We can all learn to live in the moment.

Maria Shriver Advocates for Alzheimer’s star
Alzheimer’s disease is in the spotlight with a new celebrity, Maria Shriver, who has come forward to advocate for disease sufferers including their families. Also, recent advances in Alzheimer´s research.

Namenda - A New Drug On The Horizon star
Namenda, a new drug, shows promise for moderate to late stages of Alzheimer´s.

Of Mice and Men: A Promising Alzheimer’s Drug star
A happy accident has occurred in Alzheimer’s research: A skin cancer drug has successfully removed plaques in the brains of mice which were bio-engineered to manifest Alzheimer’s disease.

Spring Forward With Alzheimer’s star
Spring is the season of hope. New green growth emerges with no consciousness of the past to make a fresh start. Those afflicted with Alzheimer’s can reset their natural rhythm with nature and the latest emerging research.

The New Hot Topic of Overlapping Diseases star
Sometimes in science, an idea hangs loosely in the background for many years because researchers don’t know how to make proper sense of it. Then there is a breakthrough and suddenly the hypothesis is being talked about researchers.

Tips for Dealing with Alzheimer's star
I have received quite a few emails from overwhelmed caregivers and their families. Many want to know about a “miracle” drug combination, a safe sedative or how to avoid the fallout of irritability.

Treating Alzheimer’s in the Early Stages star
New research suggests that a drug like Aricept might be helpful in the early stages of mild impairment.

Tune into The Alzheimer’s Project on HBO star
In May a four-part TV series on Alzheimer’s disease called “The Alzheimer’s Project” will air. The HBO series will examine groundbreaking Alzheimer discoveries made by the country’s leading scientists and the effects this debilitating terminal disease has on those afflicted with Alzheimer’s.

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