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A Loving Caregiver Can Slow Down Alzheimer’s star
A study, funded by the National Institutes of Health, demonstrates that closeness to one’s caregiver correlates with a slower decline in both cognition and function in activities of daily living, especially for people whose spouses took care of them.

Alzheimer’s and Halloween star
Alzheimer’s and Halloween have something in common- they are both scary! Here are some tips for a fun Halloween:

Alzheimer’s Resolutions star
The New Year brings renewed hope for prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Celebrating the Holidays with Alzheimer’s star
The holidays are particularly special for Alzheimer’s patients and their caregivers. It reminds all of us to count our present blessings as we gently let go of the past.

Cope with Alzheimer’s and Holiday Stress Combined star
The holidays are stressful for people who are in peak performance. For people afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and their caregivers the holiday season might seem overwhelmingly difficult to navigate. Here’s how to cope:

Coping with Caregiver Stress star
Taking good care of an Alzheimer’s patient is often at the emotional expense of the caregiver, stress and depression. A new study from the Netherlands on reframing supports its widespread use by dementia caregivers.

Coping with Early Onset Alzheimer's star
Barry Petersen, a multiple Emmy-Award winner who works for CBS News and has covered wars and events that have shaped the world, has been facing his own private war with Alzheimer’s as a spousal caregiver.

Cornell Creates Website for Caregivers star
I am happy to announce that based on this mounting public health challenge experts at Weill Cornell Medical College have created, an interactive, multimedia Web site for caregivers of Alzheimer's.

Don’t White Wash Alzheimer’s! star
Recently, I received a heartfelt email from a caregiver who felt that I had sometimes white-washed Alzheimer’s disease in my advice to caregivers, making this terminal illness sound spiritual. Here is my response.

Handling the enormity of Alzheimer’s Caregiving star
There will be days when a loving caregiver will want to tear their hair out! Alzheimer’s takes a great toll on family members who grieve daily for the disappearing identity of the person afflicted with the disease. Here’s how to handle the enormity of caregiving.

How to Avoid Burnout for Dementia Caregivers star
It is important for caregivers to take care of themselves. A caregiver is like the fixed point of a compass around which the Alzheimer’s individual revolves.

How to Calm Alzheimer’s Agitation star
Agitation, a nervous kind of restlessness, afflicts many Alzheimer’s patients – this means their caregivers and family members absorb as well as deal with the fall out. A new study claims Celexa can help. I also present some non-drug alternatives.

How to Celebrate the Holidays star
The holidays are exciting, just bursting with festivities: Lights, colors, new furniture, visitors and parties. However, for the Alzheimer’s patient this time period might be overwhelming, even frightening. Here are seven coping tools to make the holiday brighter for both caregiver and loved one.

How to Get an Alzheimer's Parent to Accept Care star
"My grandmother has been diagnosed with Alzheimers and the doctor told her that she needs more full time care. She won´t even entertain the idea. What do I do?"

How to Get Rid of Caregiver Guilt star
If you are a caregiver to someone afflicted with Alzheimer’s, you might be giving yourself away.

How to Handle Alzheimer's Paranoia star
She has been very ugly to me, and said she would rather be in a nursing home than with me. She is making it hard to care for her.

How to Identify Alzheimer's Patient Abuse star
So how can you tell whether it is a fall, or an accidental bruise and not an injury inflicted by a caregiver – when you are not around to monitor your loved one?

How to Improve Your Interaction with the Patient star
People afflicted with Alzheimer’s are highly emotional and can switch from laughter and affection to anger and sadness in a moment. By creating a calmer, more serene environment both of you feel better, act better and interrelate better. Here are some tips:

How to Show Alzheimer’s Patients Respect star
One essential quality lacking in today’s Alzheimer’s care is a genuine respect for the patient. The diagnosis of cognitive impairment carries the stigma of “losing your mind,” “senility,” or “being empty headed.” Here are some tips to restore dignity to the cognitively impaired.

Is a Nursing Home Necessary? star
My husband is in the middle stage of alzheimer´s. All of my friends and family think it is time to put him in a nursing home. Does he need my love for him more than he needs the care of professionals?

It’s Time to Take Care of Your Self star
The holidaze are coming. Give yourself or a friend the gift of healing and optimism. In "Changing Habits" you will find my best concrete strategies and most uplifting and unusual stories to help you simplify and reconnect to your essential happiness.

Living with A Loved One star
Dear Debbie, I need your help!!! My mother is driving me and the children crazy. Not only is she forgetful, but she is paranoid and always accusing me of not loving her. I feel like the madness is contagious.

Living with Alzheimer’s Disease star
A couple of years ago I wrote about my friend Claire describing her as an inspirational example of someone “living gracefully” with Alzheimer’s disease. It has now been over a decade and here is what I learned by observing her:

Long Distance Caregiving star
If you are a caregiver from a distance for an Alzheimer’s patient, whether this means the patient is being taken care of at home by another family member, a live-in companion or at a nursing home, you will feel guilty.How do you connect and supervise? How do you help those bearing the brunt?

New Year’s Resolutions for Alzheimer’s star
An Alzheimer’s caregiver is so stressed, that there is an inflammation brewing in her body which manifests in her weakest link – her skeletal frame. Resolve to be a better caregiver, here’s how:

Reducing the Stress of Employed Caregivers star
Be aware that balancing your life as an employee and a caregiver, especially for a loved one afflicted with Alzheimer’s can lead to chronic stress which means – a chronic state of high alert and physical inflammation.

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