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A New Alzheimer’s Clue: Limited Life Space star
We all know that Alzheimer’s disease plays havoc with time. However, did you know that a limited life space might be a precursor to this disease?

A New Alzheimer’s Diagnostic Test Can View the Disease star
A new test has been created which can diagnose Alzheimer’s even before a person shows any symptoms. This will greatly enhance researchers’ ability to evaluate the effectiveness of new drug therapies which should dramatically speed up the development of a cure for this dreaded disease.

A Potential Vaccine in Alzheimer’s Therapy star
Fresh from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences as of Jan 2013, a potential new treatment for Alzheimer's disease as well as a vaccine to prevent the illness is being tested in mice.

Alzheimer's Prevention Strategies for 2007 star
January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. The message is to focus on the lifestyle changes you can make at this very moment to be brain smart.

Alzheimer’s - a disease of the Old begins in the Young star
Brain changes occur many years before the manifestation of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms; prevention treatment could begin at an early age to avoid the characteristic damage of plaques and tangles.

Alzheimer’s and Early Detection star
A complex question usually asked of people who might be at risk for Alzheimer’s disease is “Would you want to know if you were going to get Alzheimer’s?” Early detection of the disease could help do the following:

Alzheimer’s and Resveratrol star
Resveratrol, an organic compound found in red wine, grapes and peanuts and touted for its anti-aging and cancer prevention properties, is being analyzed in the lab for neutralizing the bad proteins in Alzheimer’s disease.

Alzheimer’s Brains Can Surprise You star
The aging brain is unpredictable. Some people are cognitively sharp and productive well into their nineties. Others become afflicted with Alzheimer’s and other dementias. Not many people realize that the brain can compensate for some of its decline.

Alzheimer’s – A Positive Attitude Can Overcome a Bad Heredity star
Studies have shown that negative expectations for aging shorten life and deplete life quality. Stress and negative thinking have been linked to every major disease, Alzheimer’s included! We need to activate our joy and aim for a positive outlook as we get older.

Be a Morning Person To Prevent Alzheimer’s star
A new Alzheimer’s study makes a startling assertion that sleeping late might predispose a woman to Alzheimer’s. Her's what to do about it.

Can Diet Prevent Alzheimer’s? star
When you consider a lifetime of eating, humans tend to eat a lot of unhealthy compounds produced by a high heat cooking style. Think of your love affair with milk, cheese and backyard barbecues.

Chocolate and Your Brain star
Exciting new research claims that chocolate might provide neuroprotective benefit for Alzheimer’s.

Depression and Apathy in Alzheimer’s star
When it concerns Alzheimer’s, emotions can run the gamut from intense to dull and apathetic. New research implicates depression as a disease trigger.

Distinguishing Alzheimer's From Senior Moments star
Destabilizing symptoms like forgetting where you placed the car keys or even where you parked the car do not necessarily signal the mild cognitive impairment which precedes Alzheimer’s. Here´s how to tell.

Does the Common Cold Sore Virus Cause Alzheimer’s? star
There is a new theory on the Alzheimer’s block with a simple and cheap solution. British scientists have observed a connection between the cold sore virus, herpes simplex, and Alzheimer´s.

Don’t Stress About Mid-Life Stress star
A Swedish study which has followed 800 women since 1968 has found a link between mid-life stress in women and the increased risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease. Stressors like divorce, death of a loved one and caregiving tend to overwhelm women in midlife. The same probably holds true for men.

Exercise and Lose Weight to Prevent Alzheimer’s star
There are different reasons as to why exercising and eating right, even making those changes at midlife, could prove to be the best deposit made in your brain’s health savings account:

Exercise Matters star
During the last decade I have had regular dialogues with an older woman, Molly, in the gym where I work out. I love talking to seniors to listen to their words of wisdom along with stories about their past dreams and passions.

Exercise Will Transform Your Brain star
Dr. John Ratey, a Harvard Medical School Professor and author of SPARK presents impressive evidence that aerobic exercise improves the brain´s functions and increases the growth of new brain cells to boost memory and mood.

Exercise Will Transform Your Brain star
Dr. John Ratey, a Harvard Medical School Professor and author of SPARK presents impressive evidence that aerobic exercise improves the brain´s functions and increases the growth of new brain cells to boost memory and mood.

Exercise Your Brain star
Many Alzheimer’s patients do better than expected because of their cognitive reserve. Columbia University Medical Center has identified a brain network within the frontal lobe that is associated with cognitive reserve. Here’s how to increase it:

FDA Doesn’t Approve Alzheimer’s Test - Yet star
The FDA has postponed approval of a new Alzheimer’s test, Amyvid, to be performed on the living brain. Here are some other idea's for preventing or postponing Alzheimer's.

Feed Your Brain star
A new study published in the Journal Neurology links Trans Fats to brain shrinkage. The study also emphasized that people whose diets are rich in vitamins C, E, B and D, have larger brains than people with diets low in these nutrients.

Flurizan, a New Drug on the Horizon star
A new drug, Flurizan, which is actually on the horizon could potentially change the preventive landscape of Alzheimer’s. Flurizan is claimed to reduce the amount of toxic beta amyloid in an Alzheimer’s brain.

Having a Purpose Wards Off Alzheimer's star
Individuals who report having a greater purpose in their lives appear less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease or its precursor, mild cognitive impairment.

Here’s How to Slow Brain Shrinkage of Alzheimer’s Disease star
Here are the encouraging results of the latest research studies for slowing brain shrinkage:

How to Improve Your Alzheimer’s Profile: Mind Your Muscles star
Here are the latest tips on how to avoid dementia:

How to Prevent or Slow Down Alzheimer’s with Creative Thinking star
Thinking outside the box is helpful as an Alzheimer’s preventative and treatment for the early stages.

How to Protect Your Brain from Alzheimer’s star
The latest research implicates chronic stress and a diet high in saturated fat in Alzheimer’s disease progression.

Inflammation Is a Precursor to Alzheimer’s star
Dr. William Banks from St. Louis University has published two studies explaining how inflammation affects Alzheimer’s. Moreover, he claims that the anti-inflammatory drug indomethacin could hold promise as a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

Instead of Online Brain Games, Go Exercise star
Millions of people play computer games believing they will improve memory and cognitive skills. However, this online game therapy doesn’t do what advertisers claim.

Keeping Healthy to Prevent or Postpone Alzheimer’s star
Improving and maintaining health factors not traditionally associated with dementia, such as denture fit, vision and hearing, may lower a person’s risk for developing dementia, according to a new study.

Loneliness Linked to Alzheimer’s star
People who feel isolated and unsupported are more prone to dementia. The take home message: Get out there and mingle.

Mind Your Muscle star
Many children of Alzheimer’s patients fear a genetic link. It is hard to do nothing proactive to prevent the onset of the disease. Research studies claim that exercise is more beneficial than cross word puzzles.

New Research Getting Us Closer to Preventing Alzheimer’s star
A recent study led by the Mount Sinai School of Medicine identified a faulty molecule in the brain in patients who have mild cognitive impairment.

New Super Foods for Alzheimer's Prevention star
A couple of new foods are being studied for their potent possibilities in dementia prevention and you might want to add one of them to your diet.

New Tool for Early Detection of Alzheimer’s Risk star
The Journal of the American Academy of Neurology explains a new tool for early risk detection of Alzheimer’s disease and some surprising risk factors are cited.

NSAIDs Increase the Risk of Alzheimer’s star
If you take an anti-inflammatory, non-steroidal drug like naproxen or ibuprofen, and think that it will help prevent Alzheimer’s disease, think again.

Prevention of Alzheimer’s With Hypertensive Drugs star
An ingredient in a common blood pressure medication can potentially help prevent the buildup of beta-amyloid production in the brain associated with Alzheimer’s Disease. This will help prevent the cognitive decline associated with the disease.

Reduce Inflammation to Prevent Alzheimer’s star
People whose blood tests show signs of inflammation are more likely to later develop Alzheimer’s disease than people with no signs of inflammation. Learn how to lower your inflammation.

Several Links to Dementia star
Research studies are focusing on various links to dementia which could possibly create a tipping point or hasten disease process.

Sleep Deprivation Linked to Alzheimer’s star
Research from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis claims that when mice are sleep deprived, there are more Alzheimer’s plaques deposited in their brains.

Subjective Cognitive Decline star
An emerging field of research in Alzheimer’s is centered on the personal reporting of the patient regarding his own cognitive impairment known as “subjective cognitive decline.”

The Link Between Alzheimer’s and Depression star
Older people with symptoms of Mild Cognitive Impairment who are also depressed are often propelled into Alzheimer’s disease because of the depression!

Unexplained Weight Loss May be Early Sign of Alzheimer's star
Often weight loss happens years before there are any symptoms of memory loss. Proper nutrition and exercise can help.

Vitamin D3 and Curcumin Clear Amyloid-Beta star
UCLA academic researchers are closer to explaining how vitamin D3 may help the body rid the brain of amyloid beta which is found in the plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease.

Walking May Ward Off Alzheimer’s Disease star
New studies published in the Journal of the American Medical Association assert that sticking to a walking regimen at midlife and beyond can ward off Alzheimer's disease or at least delay its onset.

While You Are Waiting For an Alzheimer's Cure star
We all sit with bated breath waiting for a cure, or at least a postponement of the symptoms of Alzheimer’s. So what can you do meanwhile?

Your Mood and Alzheimer's Prevention star
Involvement in meaningful activities can improve thinking abilities and provide better cognitive health.

Your Brain On Stress star
Chronic stress triggers the formation of insoluble tau protein aggregates in the brain cells of mice. Older brains have a harder time coping with chronic stress.

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